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 David Cameron: Britain is bankrupt and broke

In his first major speech at the Commons dispatch box, the Prime Minister launched a savage attack on the previous administration, accusing it of leaving the country in tatters with its economic profligacy.

He said Labour's legacy was an "economy that's nearly bankrupt, a society that's broken and a political system that is bust", as his new coalition government unveiled its first legislative programme.

Addressing MPs after the Queen's Speech, the Prime Minister made it clear that his government's priorities will be to tackle Britain's £156 billion budget deficit at home and the threat of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons abroad. ...

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 Re: David Cameron: Britain is bankrupt and broke

Its obvious Britian is broke.

Its just a well kept secret. Or, at least it was.

But for most Brits, as long as they have a beer in one hand, and a remote control in the other while watching football, who cares?

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Sadly, it isn't just Britain that is broke. I have a dreadful feeling that even the oil leak situation is a great diversion created to stop people from seeing a worse scenario taking place even this very week.

Our economy is taking a serious nose dive, and many refuse to believe it is happening. We are bankrupt and this was created with evil intent. We must hold tightly to Jesus now.


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 Re: Britain Broke

Coincidentally, 2 flagship Briitsh Companies are in the news.
After the Islandic vulcano that closed our airspace calmed down, BP had the oil spill and British Airways is on a strike that further harms our already loss making Airline company.

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we are in this world, we are not of this world, and yet the ruler of this world is ramping up the fear.

we would be wise to divorce ourselves of this sour milk of fear that is being poured out daily.

the divisiness, the greed, all the dross and stubble that is around us. as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he was walking on water, the minute he let that fear come in, he began to sink.

so when you feel yourself sinking, reach up and grab ahold of Jesus' Hand, because His Hand is there, we just have to grab, He'll NEVER let us go.

 2010/5/27 7:53

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I have been thinking a lot about this thread since reading it yesterday.... wondering what life would be like should the USA gov go broke. Many questions arise: could we still use our currency? would people still get paid for work done? How will it effect our ability to buy and sell? These questions leave me confused...makes me wish we could live in a place where one would not have to buy electricity, pay for water, garbage pickup, etc.

Then I remembered how it was when we were told Regina was terminally ill. I did not think I could stand to see our only daughter die. Why her? Why did God give me only one daughter? why did he not make one of our four boys to be a female? Then I would have had two daughters and three sons - that would have been a decent balance for 5 children. WHY? How can I cope witrh her gone? I loved her, and so did her husband and two children.

I could not cope at all, so I spent time with the LORD on this issue one evening. Then I was impressed to live life to the full each day and not worry about the future. If God were to call her home, he would be there to comfort us, but in the meantime do not worry about it. When this realization came, I was filled with peace and gladness. So, I, with God's help, took his advice and have since tried to live by this rule for all of life. Ten months later God called her home. In the meantime, there was treatments, surgeries, anointing with oil before every surgery (she eventually had a total of three tumors); much traveling between here and there (750 - 950 miles). When the LORD did take her, He was there with comfort - the like I never dreamed of. Then as well as now, I do not cry because God took her. If I do cry it is because I miss her - big difference. But I get over it - God is there even in this.

This is the point: when we allow God to be God, he will care for us, even if we have to suffer. He gives us the grace to cope each and every day. Sometimes it is moment by moment.

As I think about this issue, I am reminded of a book I just read "Lead, Kindly Light" by Helen Grace Lescheid. It is the story of her mother's escape from Communist Russia during WW2. She eventually emigrated to Canada after WW2. The deprivation, starvation, God's sustaining power in the midst of flight, fight for survival is heartwarming. I highly recommend this book to any and all for edification.

God bless..


Sandra Miller

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Thank you ginnyrose. That lightened my morning. :-)


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I did want to clarify that I am not a fearmonger and don't delight in saying that we are on the verge of a financial collapse.

I know many folks that are obsessed with continual research of current events, the antichrist, and the New World Order.

I feel there is an amount of information that the Lord wants us to know so that we are not caught unawares when things begin to crumble. I believe with all my heart He takes care of His own, but I am also greatful for the brethren that have prayed much and been shown things beforehand that will take place soon.

Many folks are still adamant that they will be taken from the world before certain things happen. I don't want my brethren to have their heads spiritually buried in the sand. We need to spend some time in searching things out and watching what is happening around us.

I believe it is our duty as His people to research and study the scriptures and to also discern the times we are in. I still battle fear as everyone else does, but know that as Ginny mentioned, He will be there for us in everything.

My recommendation first and foremost is to get out of debt. I can attest that the Lord will help you. I have 2000.00 left out of almost 30,000.00 when I returned to the Lord. I told Him I did not want to file bankruptcy, and He has helped this single woman through many tough times.

I don't believe preparing is a lack of faith either. The ark that Noah constructed was a testimony in itself that he knew what was up the road and made ready for it. I am not creating an arsenal of things, but stocking up on items that have a long shelf life and bartering much with the locals. The Lord really will confirm what you yourselves should do, and then He'll take care of everything else.

I do hope this explains things a bit more on my end.I am not a panicky person, but will just be content when others are convinced that God speaks prophetically still. He doesn't want His children in the dark.


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 Re: Intercession out of the biblical Love and Fear of God

After reading the link, I thought, "As Greece goes so goes the EU."

Then I came across a wonderful video on YouTube by Edgar Reich who preaches the Featured Sermon: "A Beautiful Mind" (see home page top).

The message was "Revival and the Economy". Very transparent/open testimony. It is unusual that someone is called directly into Revival ministry and at such a late time in his life. Video Link:

Both the Love of God (also meaning the Love of God in me) and the fear of God move me to intercede for revival.

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