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 Turning Cassette tapes into mp3's

I have some sermons on cassette tapes that I can no longer listen to that I would love to.

I no longer have a stero and the boom box I use for jail only plays CD's.

What can a person do to get these onto my computer and in my mp3 player or ipod?? (Oh and that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!)

For any help... I am grateful!


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 Re: Turning Cassette tapes into mp3's

There is a free program called Audacity that
will digitize to MP3 > You will also need
a jack into the com port of your computer.
You can get one at Radio Shack.

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: Turning Cassette tapes into mp3's

You will need a cassette deck obviously. They don't sell them in electronic stores like BestBuy anymore, but you can get one cheaply from eBay still. Here is one up for auction that will suit your purposes just fine:
You will also need a cable to connect the Line Out port on the back of the cassette deck to the Line In port on the sound card of your computer. The Audacity program mentioned before is one software program you can use to record to MP3 format. Download from here:
Install it. Here is the how-to on recording tapes and LPs:
Here is other Frequently asked questions:
Here is the link to the manual if you get stuck:
Good Luck. It really isn't that hard.

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