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 Re: Brother/Sister Sheilab

A while ago, a missionary dropped by at our church - he said that Christians in North Korea are telling the South to stop sending missionaries, they've already got too many of them.

It wasn't too long ago that the world wondered if Christianity in China had perished after the Communist takeover - the house churches not only survived but are as vibrant as ever. God knew this, of course - John Sung had prophetically said that a great revival was coming, but the Western missionaries would all be kicked out first.

Even today, Christians in China adopt the same spiritual outlook. Xiao Min (peasant girl inspired to write the Canaan hymns despite no musical training - she's in "The Cross - Jesus in China" video) was visiting a friend's church some years back, I think she was testifying to the work the Lord was doing in China. The pastor offered to pray for them - he said, "... pray that the persecution will stop..." Xiao Min immediately said, "You're praying it wrong! Do not pray that the persecution will stop, but pray that our faith will be strengthened so that the purposes of God will be fulfilled."

No Christian deliberately courts persecution per se, but perhaps the moral here is to pray for the purposes of God to be fulfilled, and His ways are higher than our ways - no mortal can second-guess His plans. Makes you think what is meant by praying according to God's will...

Teach us how to pray, and what to pray, O God.

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