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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : My journey to Christ

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La Mercy South Africa

 My journey to Christ

I was born in a hindu home and forced to worship false gods. As far back as I can remember the Lord Jesus wanted my heart. I did not want to disobey my mother so I did what was asked of me. My alcoholism proved to be a blessing in disguise, because I was forced to seek help in a 12 step fellowship. Here I learnt of a loving God and Father which eventually led me to my Saviour Jesus Christ. My wife and I and my 2 children got saved, and my Mom gave her heart to the Lord before she died. For so many years I walked on the dark side of the street, knowing that there was light on the other side. To live in Christ for us, is perpetual joy. My wife and I work with broken families destroyed by alcohol. Everyday our joy is to see one life get saved. My children are both adults serving the Lord, not caring for this material world and its trappings. Today its our brokeness that we share with others.

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 Re: My journey to Christ

Thank you for sharing. It is always wonderful to hear how other believers came to know our Lord! In fact, it is the one binding thing that we all have in common. Each of us passed from death to life. Each one of us knows the Creator of the universe!

Again, thanks for sharing!


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