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 The Armor of Diabolus

I was reading The Holy War and Brother John Bunyan presents the Armor that Satan aka Diabolus has given to the Lost aka the Town of Mansoul to resist El Shaddai aka the Lord God Almighty. I found it interesting because when I was a boy I had great interest in warefare and history particularly Medieval times. I hope you enjoy this as I have.

The Helmet of Vain-Hope- Deuterononmy 29:19

The Breastplate of Iron a Hard Heart- Revelations 9:9, Zechariah 7:12

The Sword is a Lying and Evil Tongue- Psalms 57:4, 64:2-3, James 3:6-8

The Shield of Unbelief- Matthew 13:8

A Prayerless Spirit or a Spirit that Scorns to Cry for Mercy Job 21:15

I share this only to bring some kind of edification to you all and if you find you are still carrying around some of this armor of Satan to disarm yourselves and replace them with the Armor of our Great Warrior King Christ Jesus. May HE be exhulted and Praised!

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: The Armor of Diabolus


Alot of peaople don't know where "amen" came from so a brief etymology is in order.

The kind of belief Abraham exibited, is called in the Hebrew tongue "amin". Into the greek it was rendered how it sounds (when it should be) pronounce, Ah-meen".

When a person says it, they are saying, "i lay down my confident in this" and "so i believe". Also, "of a truth" or "truly", and "i am sure of this", or "Shirley" (whose shirley?) are also the same a saying Amen.


The word picture for it in it's simplest form is "of my right hand" so, for example a name like -english rendering-
Benjamin is 'son (ben) - of my right hand'(amin).

Where we get the 'J' from is due to Martin Luther's Germanic way of translating/pronouncing certain words with hard, and not so gutteral, sounds. "J" is often substituted for "Y" or "I".

There are more details, but that seems suffiecient for now.

 2010/5/23 6:32

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