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Finally i can get back to you all about this.I told my wife about saving up and getting our own place instead and she didn't say no so hopefully we can avoid the situation with her sister. I let her know how i didn't want to move in with them because they are not married. sHE BABYSITS HER SISTERS BABY wednesday till friday afternoon so she will have to stay their when they move in the next few weeks those days, my wife had been watching her at her moms house where her sister lived too since March, so now their moving and this is why the issue is coming up because they offered but i really don't want to especially with my struggles. Thanks for what everyone said, please continue to pray for me and my wife and all our families salvation if you can. God bless you guys sincerely John

 2010/5/28 23:40

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Glad that you are making the right decision.

However, you need to tell your wife the truth about not moving in with them. Its not just because they are not married, its much more for example your struggles etc.

If you just mention that its because they are not married, then what happens if they get married and your wife may be thinking of moving in with them again.

Its better to be honest with her as far as possible and from what you have revealed here so far, I am not aware of any reason not to be so with her.


 2010/5/29 13:13Profile

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