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I had a dream the other day and i really don't understand it much but i have had them for a time with the feeling of hopelessness in them seeking the Lord but with no hope to be saved. I felt this in the dream and it was shocking that those feelings came but i was delivered, i don't know what this means but it gave me hope because i thought the Lord might be telling me something. This feeling of hopelessness has been going on for over a year now, but the dream could me nothing still. But i ask you please continue to pray for my soul, i want to be saved but at the same time i see myself falling back into the world and enjoying it slightly again which i don't want, i have unsaved friends i hang out with during the time i should probably be seeking the Lord and it is very hard to separate from them, but we don't seek the Lord and i don't know what to do, my wife is friends with them so it makes it harder. Just keep me and my wife in prayer.

 2010/5/22 20:46

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 Re: prayer

I will pray for you. Do you have friends at Church you could hang out with? That would be better if you had some fellowship with those that walk with the Lord. Make the decision to choose Jesus and His ways - you won't regret it. You will never be sorry, no matter how hard at first. It is worth it and He is worth your all. I will pray for strength for you brother. Amen!

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I just read a quote or a stat the other day but do not recall its sourse. Anyhow, the stats say that if a new Christian keeps hanging out with his old friends he will fall back into his old ways. If he finds new, godly friends he will retain his faith.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: prayer

The word says to come out from among them and be ye separate. Keep company with an angry man and you will learn his ways.

You will not be able to stand unless you do separate.

I will pray you will have the strength to do just that. We all had to. And as Joy_ful Heart says, you will never regret it. I sure don't. Later, when God had matured me some, I was able to lead some of those same folks to the Lord.

What fellowship has light with darkness. None.


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