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By the way... I agree. The date looks a tad suspicious on the article.


 2010/5/25 9:26

 Re: Sister Ginny, brother Krispy

the poster know as "snuf" is prime example of those ingrafted into the Vine, who forget the Path to Messiah Jesus, with his lies and deceit regarding the modern State of Israel.

He is typical of the mindset of those who came before him, two millenia of those who hate Jews, and do the work of their father to destroy the Jewish people, and now these people, which include those who follow allah, are doubly frustrated, because try as they may, they can't destroy Israel, who vastly outnumbered, outgunned, also has the favor of the Lord upon her, for His purpose, and with such hellish utterance's as i've heard this and others speak against Israel, what kind of witness is that to the Jewish people? make them envious?

of what? Christians are the sheep of Messiah Jesus, and Jews have seen Christians, thru centuries, murder us Jews, in the "name" of Jesus, and Jews long for Messiah, but they are very wary of "christians", and the spew from the keyboard of such as this poster, just pounds that nail home.

Steve, i agree with you....mark and avoid, mark and avoid, roger that bud.

oh ps....that item from Tel Aviv seems like somebodies sick idea of a joke, obviously Tel Aviv is well known as a very very secular city....but, only God knows.

 2010/5/25 9:44

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To the Replacement Theologist and also with those leaning toward Pretterism, and even to those who might be on the fence on this issues, I'd like to personally recommend one of the best study tools available. Completely invaluable when presenting arguments against God's election of Israel and this second coming of Christ that the deceived church seems to be on the bandwagon for:

Now these here are serious business. These aren't the same one's you were used to using in pre-school, oh no! With these babies, if used correctly, you'll actually be able to hold up all the books of Isaiah through Malachi between your thumb and four fingers, and take care of them with one strong stoke. No needless hacking, or going page at a time, this is full efficiency. Now, don't let their powerful and sturdy appearance throw you off. These are capable of the most subtle maneuvers in any book of the Bible, no matter how small. These are really the jack of all trades when it comes to that stuff about God's covenant with Israel and the second coming of Christ. You'll never lose a doctrinal argument again. GUARANTEED! No matter how strong your opponents' stand. Don't take my word for it. These are truly the standard for the one who seeks to rightly divide the Word of God in it's fullest and most literal meaning. And I forgot to mention, if you're left handed there are also ones available to leftly divide the Word of God.

Edited to be fair.

 2010/5/25 10:04Profile

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