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 Re: Question need some help please

Well, Matthew, I will share my understanding of this miracle.

I understand it at face value, ascribe no type or shadow to it. Only that here was a need and Jesus, from the goodness and mercy of his heart, supplied it.

I like to keep things simple! :-) I do not find in the scriptures any other interpretation of this incident.

Have an blessed day! Even to those who will disagree with me! :-)


Sandra Miller

 2010/5/22 11:13Profile

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Notts. England.


I agree Ginnyrose.
Here was Jesus stepping into a situation and saving a family from a lifetime of shame!

In biblical times a wedding would last for at least seven days with everyone from the town invited. To run out of wine at a time like this would have brought such embarrasment and shame upon the family that they are not able to provide and failed to properly plan ahead.

It was Jesus mother, Mary who raised the problem with him and asked him to step in and do something for them. Even though Jesus seemd to protest a little by saying 'dear woman, that is not our problem, my time has not yet come' but in obedience to his mother's request of him, and to save the family from shame, he stepped in.

I think it is a wonderful thought that the first miracle of Jesus was brought about by obedience to his mother and concern for a family's reputation!
Such love!

Ceri Elaine

 2010/5/22 11:46Profile

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