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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Ellie Went Home!

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 Ellie Went Home!

The other day I got a PM from Ellie. She informed me that she is moving back to the ranch with her husband.

Just thought I would share this bit of wonderful news with y'all.

I hope she will come back on here after a while. Access to high speed internet in limited there on the ranch, so we may not hear from her much. a world of things gone crazy it is wonderful to hear of victories won. Praise the LORD!


Sandra Miller

 2010/5/20 20:00Profile

 Re: Ellie Went Home!


Another answered prayer in my face.

Agape all,
Acts 20:32

"The kingdom then is not for weaklings, waverers, and compromisers... It is not for Balaam, the rich young ruler, Pilate, and Demas... It is not won by means of deferred prayers, unfulfilled promises, broken resolutions and hesitant testimonies. It is for strong and sturdy men like Joseph, Nathan, Elijah, Daniel, Mordecai, and Peter... Stephen... and Paul. And let us not forget such valiant women as Ruth, Deborah, Esther, and Lydia"
~William Hendrickson~

 2010/5/20 20:22

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 Re: Ellie Went Home!

God is GOOD! :)

 2010/5/20 20:43Profile

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I am so glad to hear this news. I know the enemy was really attacking to bring about the end of this marriage but God is faithful. To Him goes all the praise and glory.

God bless

 2010/5/20 20:54Profile

Joined: 2009/12/4
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 Re: Ellie Went Home!

This is awesome, may this give hope to anyone on there that is going through similar situations that God is still quite capable to work in a marriage that was under distress. May He work this for His Glory!

Matthew Guldner

 2010/5/20 21:03Profile

 Re: Ellie Went Home!

There is a lot of work ahead for them both, but I am glad she made the right decision. God truly works in mysterious ways.

 2010/5/20 22:04

 Re: Ellie Went Home!

Praise the Lord!

 2010/5/20 22:07

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Praise the Lord!!! Let's continue to hold them up in prayer. All glory to God!

 2010/5/22 21:21Profile

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