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 What was finished when Christ said "It is Finished"?

WHen CHrist said "It is Finished" what did he mean? Was all sin forgiven? If so why did he rest in the grave for three day? Did his lying three days in the tomb have anything to do with the picture of three days of cleansing that is repeatedly mentioned in the OT?

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 Re: What was finished when Christ said "It is Finished"?

It means GOD was satisfied with the righteous
sacrifice of His Only Son; divine justice was
satisfied so GOD could be merciful; but
forgiveness is for those who accept and receive
Christ atoning sacrifice for their sins~!!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: What about the three days in the tomb?

What about the three days in the tomb, what are they for?

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 Re: What was finished when Christ said "It is Finished"?

I really want to respond to this, but am lacking time, however I would recommend reading Romans Chapter 6 over and over again, along with 1 Corinthians 15 over and over again. Pray a sincere prayer that God, through the Power of the Spirit, for the glorification of the Son, will open your eyes to what is being said. As it is probably one of the most important questions a person could ever ask.

Secondly I recommend listening to this sermon. I felt that Major Ian Thomas did a superb job of explaining the answers to your questions in this sermon. I wish he had talked about the resurrection in the context of the discussion, but its importance is implied in the sermon.

[url=]A grain of Wheat - Major Ian Thomas[/url]

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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In addition to the suggestions so far, type in a concordance "finished" in the KJV, then read all the scriptures with that word finished in it.

It is very interesting.

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Teleo is a greek word utilzed for "finished".

When a transaction was completed, upon the document confirming the transaction was stamped "paid in full" (aka: "teleo" in the graeco-roman world.)

Jesus was saying that everything satan had authority (in purpose and power) over was now His.

Why three days?

Any legitimate contract has a clause stating that contract is not binding until the passage of 72 hours.

Since the beginning, up until today even in some cultures, - jewish for example, it has been known that a person is not absolutely, undeniably, and reliably dead until three days have passed.

Read John 11.

If Jesus had not gone "to the heart of the earth" for 3 days and 3 nights, some might say that he did not really taste death.

In doing all this, he satisfied God's justice: purchasing back as His own all that exists here -(including death):
first, giving His Body for the life of the whole world;
second, redeeming all humanity, and everything that has been or will exist on earth, from the curse of the law of sin and death.

By Jesus' resurrection we are sure that our Father put His stamp of approval on this transaction.

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 Re: Finished

Romans 7 and 8 also alludes to some of what christ fulfilled when he said it is finished.

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 Re: What was finished when Christ said "It is Finished"?

This is a bit different but along the same lines; but learning more and more about the difference between the Old and New Covenant... "It is finished," could also mean that the Old Covenant is kaput and finished! Bring on the Holy Ghost!! (last sentence is purely unbiblical and only Lisa's excitement)

We will never know the full ramifications of, "It is finished," until we get to where He is! It's also probably a lot of everything that we are saying! Who knows except HIM??

God bless you!

I've always heard and never really questioned (should I?) that like on the road to Emmaus when He expounded on the Scriptures, that He did that and those who believed Him rose from graves also. (Maybe there is someone who knows a lot more about this than I!)


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This is a bit different but along the same lines; but learning more and more about the difference between the Old and New Covenant... "It is finished,"

I read this thread and immediately something was quickened to my mind that I had talked about with a group of young men that I am teaching.

When God created man He gave him a certain amount of dominion and authority in the earth. In a sense, man was put in a position of being the "god" of this world as he was given the authority in this world by God. Hebrews 2 and Psalm 8 give us some insight into this, but other verses such as Psalm 115:16, John 10:35 quoting Psalm 82:6, and others. If I have given you a new car, and you decide to drive it over a cliff, I really cannot step in and stop you. I will have violated my own word, something God cannot do. Man willingly gave up this authority and in doing so surrendered to the enemy. So the sacrifice of Christ was necessary. But we read in Romans, Hebrews, and other places that this sacrifice had to be, in a sense, "legal". Since man, flesh and blood, sinned it was only through man, flesh and blood, that this sin could be atoned for. Romans 5 and Hebrews 10 especially. This was the significance of Jesus saying, "But a body thou hast prepared for me," Hebrews 10:5.

Since it had to be "legal", since God could not simply violate His own word and step in without man's consent, there was a covenant made with Abraham. God told Abraham that he was going to have a son, and that this son was going to bring about the seed through which all nations of the earth would be blessed. Paul is very clear in Galatians that this seed is singular, not plural, Christ Jesus Himself. God made covenant with Abraham. If you recall there was the cutting up of the animals, and God appearing as a burning lamp passing between the pieces.

Now if you study covenant, you will realize that it is a very strong thing. If you and I are in covenant, to whatever length you are willing to go for me, I am bound by covenant to go to the same length for you. God, in covenant with Abraham, said, "Take your only begotten son and sacrifice him unto me." Scripture tells us that God did this to test Abraham. But what was He testing?

If we let scripture be commentary on scripture, we find some very interesting things about this testing. Hebrews 11:17-19 tells us that Abraham obeyed God, not weeping over his son, but boldly and in faith with full assurance that if it can down to Isaac dying, God would simply have to raise him from the dead. How did Abraham know this? Because he had already received Isaac from the dead in a figure, or a similitude. Now Jesus said something very interesting to the Pharisees when questioned. Speaking of their father Abraham He said, "Abraham rejoiced to see my day, and he saw it, and was glad." The figure that Abraham saw was the death and resurrection of Christ that God had shown him. The test was whether Abraham would keep his end of the covenant because in doing so he gave God the legal obligation, through covenant, to do THE SAME with His only begotten son. (Really interesting that God called Isaac the only begotten son. Isaac is also called the son of promise.)

So is it just possible that when Jesus said, "It is finished", contained in that statement was, "The covenant that God made with Abraham is completed. The promised seed has given His life just as Abraham offered Isaac. The day that Abraham saw and was glad is here. The thing that was confirmed with Abraham by covenant and revealed to the prophets is completed."?

By the way, remember that Abraham believed and it was counted to him for righteousness? If Abraham saw Jesus day and was glad, what was his faith in? Was it not in the coming messiah, the savior of the world? No wonder this faith was counted for righteousness. It predated the law and put faith in the free gift of the sacrifice of Christ.


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 Re: What was finished when Christ said "It is Finished"?

My dad and brother spoke with a Rabbi with regards to the 3 days in the tomb. The Rabbi said that jewish belief is that the spirit of the departed stays above and connected to the body until the 3rd day when it then returns to God.
This is why they want to bury as soon after death as possible so the spirit can rest and be at peace until finally returning to it's maker, as if the body is kept being moved then so is the spirit.

After the third day they say that only God can return the spirit to the body - this is also why the raising of Lazerus was so significant and was after this miracle that they plotted in earnest to kill Jesus - and also wanted to kill Lazarus! as after 4 days in the Tomb this was the ultimate miracle that only God alone could raise to life as he spirit would be in his hands.

Ceri Elaine

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