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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Does anyone know of any good pentecostal theologians?

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One's "reformed" view of soteriology usually doesn't have much bearing on one's view of the gifts of the Spirit. Thus, he can be reformed and charismatic, or reformed and third-wave.

Jimmy H

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Good point, and I would add that the reformed view does extend beyond soteriology and places God at the center of all doctrine. And so while Grudem is definitely a non-cessationist, I wouldn't lump him together with most of the heavy hitters of the third wave/charismatic movement ie Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, etc.


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as mentioned, I enjoy Michael Brown alot!

Christopher Cox

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Notts. England.


I would recommend a man who is probably unknown to you all, David Petts, he was, until suffering a stroke, a lecturer at our AoG bible college, and still sits in on lectures there, and a regular guest speaker at our church.
I was always completely engrossed with his studies. He recently published a book on the communion which is brilliant and has other books out too.

Ceri Elaine

 2010/5/19 5:28Profile

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