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 Young believers passion for missions exceeds former generations

Young believers passion for missions exceeds former generations.

Millions of passionate students worldwide show up for conferences like InterVarsity's Urbana, ready to take on their part in the Great Commission.

International (MNN) ¯ A new generation of believers is rising up with enough fervor and passion for the Gospel to take the world by surprise.

Global Advance works with church and business leaders to evangelize and disciple the nations. President David Shibley says lately the ministry has seen "tremendous trends among young men and women who are seeing the power of the Gospel at work and are really responding to the call to get the Gospel to every person."

"Volunteerism among young people today is really off the charts," notes Shibley. "They are far more roll-up-your-sleeves, actively involved percentage-wise than my generation has been; that's a very encouraging sign. Also, they have a tremendous sensitivity to issues of justice. They are presenting a full-orbed Gospel: not only evangelism--bringing people to faith in Christ--but also the discipling of the nations and bringing the nations under the Lordship of Christ."

Shibley says the fervor of these young people should come as no surprise to us. Believers in their 20's have historically been some of the most passionate for the Gospel, and many of the greatest leaders in the Christian world internationally today are in their 30's.

Another drive in particular for this rising generation seems to be the shunning of materialism--a good trend in line with the Gospel and in light of the recent global economic downturns.

"I think there is a reassessment among young people that life, as Jesus said, really does not consist in the abundance of things that a person possesses," says Shibley. "I think it's a fresh renunciation of materialism of the essence of life."

Of course, finances are always still a need, even for young people that don't wish for much in materially. Shibley says he has seen older generations stepping up to the plate in this area, stewarding what they have to a new generation.

Although the fervor made apparent at large conferences like Urbana is certainly not representative of all teens and 20-somethings, it is encouraging that many believing young people are ready to live their lives according to Christ's Great Commission. It seems clear that God plans to use this generation in big ways.

"This is a very rare generation, and those whom God is calling into His service and to represent Him in these genesis years of the 21st century are a very unique group of individuals who, I believe, are going to carry the torch of the Gospel with tremendous speed to the ends of the earth."

Source: Mission Network News


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 Re: Young believers passion for missions exceeds former generations

Give God some glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Re: Young believers passion for missions exceeds former generations


I have seen it coming, I am seeing it coming, and it stirs in me something that I have not the words to express. I am seeing the birthing of it even in the city I live in. I just took part in baptizing five to ten youth who are dying to themselves, quite consciously and with full understanding of what that means, and throwing themselves wholeheartedly into passionate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. They are an endtime generation who will proclaim the word of the Lord and who will love not their lives even unto the death. How blessed I am, how honored by God to be allowed to sow into the lives of these young men and women of God. How much I learn from their passion and commitment. How much they need to be rooted and grounded in the word. Praise God!


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 Re: Young believers passion for missions exceeds former generations

I hope their optimism is not misplaced.

I am seeing a lot of youth going on short missions trips - at other people's expense.

I am also seeing a lot of folks go to the field for a few years and then come home.

When one reads the story of missionaries in the past it called for a life long commitment. Family members may have died on the field from diseases but they persisted. Sure many went home, but the ones who were committed were the ones God used.

I feel a sense of unease about this entire scenario. Where is the commitment? the sacrifice?

Frankly, this thing troubles me...


Sandra Miller

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Your concerns are understandable. However I personally, know several young people ages 21-35 who are forsaking the American Dream and are going to going to serve in restricted nations. Many of which are going to completely unreached people groups. My wife and I are actually in process of clearing all our debt in order that we will be free to go where God leads as well. We have a generation of Christians that are tired of the prospertiy Gospel, and self-centered worship.

There are three books out right now that God seems to be using to call His people back to Himself and His Kingdom Service. Those books are: Radical by David Platt, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns.

Some people say this is just a social gospel. I don't see how you can seperate the Gospel from our social obligations as a Christ follower.

Regarding those who only go for a brief period and even at the cost of others. Many times God will use "trips" like these to birth in them a passion for missions. They will go on to become senders (helping to finance those who are called) or they will go themselves.

But that's just my take, and I'm a SBC pastor who is very mission minded. In fact many times here in the bible belt those who go on short term trips come home and become catylst for change in our churches when they look around and see our churches saying one thing but doing another. Oh yeah, I'm all for it!

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