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 Re: WOMEN OF FIRE by J. Lee Grady

The Lord of the harvest uses vessels [male and female] that are ready and willing. Period.

He doesn't seem to see the male vs. female thing we love to quibble about. He finds such vessels, fills them with His power and voila! souls are brought into the kingdom.

May He find in me, a ready and willing vessel, Amen.


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 Re: WOMEN OF FIRE by J. Lee Grady

Thank you for sharing this Greg. It is time we all, both men, and women, be about our Father's business.

Do you all feel that we are coming into a new season of effectiveness in gathering the harvest. I am more excited than I've been in years.

I feel another area where we need to get it strait is in the are of age. I see ministers that are retired. They think they have served enough. Well you won't be so tired if you get off your tired and start engaging the enemy once again. It ain't over until the fat lady sings. We need to get off our duffs, I include myself in this, and lets do what burns in our hearts. I know a wonderful 85 year old apostolic minister that walks around in discouragment and hopelessness, and grieves over the state of the church. He has a fire shut up in his bones, but the younger generation turn him a deaf ear, they are too busy socializing. Well what we need to do, is do it ourselves, and they will follow. I am convinced that this is the way. Step out and begin and it will impact those around us who have a like heart. Obey God and He will supply all that's needed.

We have been called into the kingdom for such a time as this. We are those who will bring in the harvest just before His return. I am ashamed by the testimonies like Greg has shared here, and those of Brother Yun, and the Korean revival by Bro. Goforth. They bled for souls. They could feel the burning fires of hell that were scorching the lives of the lost. Do we. Do I. I am ashamed. That is why I am reading about these wonderful warriors and allowing their testimonies to impact my life. I feel a change and I want it.

Let's ask God to turn up our fallow ground. Amen?


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