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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Prayer for my adult daughter

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 Prayer for my adult daughter

My daughter has been leading a life of sin an addiction. She does know the Lord. She has just been sent to a psychiatric uni, but with no insurance they can't hold her long enough to detox and accurately diagnose her. Please pray for her to be healed & return to a right relationship with God.

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 Re: Prayer for my adult daughter



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 Re: Prayer for my adult daughter

I am lifting up your daughter, for deliverance and salvation.


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 Re: Prayer for my adult daughter

Soverign Lord. We hold this daughter in our hands and look to you for help. What can man do? You are God and we do not worship in word and deed only. You are the Father of those who worship boldy in the power of your hand. How horrible it is to be caught in sin Lord. How a parent's heart aches when a child goes astray. But then to whom are we praying? You are our Father and it is good to remember that you have a perfect heart.

We read of those to whom you grant answers. And one thing stands out in every one of them. They lifted their concern to You as both a private faithfilled prayer and a public statement of faith. Here we present both.

Lord, please attend to the needs of this parent and child. For the sake of Your Glory, and the witness of salvation to the unsaved, we present you this prayer. In the name of Jesus your love and glory we pray.

By His Grace.

Paul Horton

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I know that I can't even imagine what you must be going through. I have two daughters...10 and 2, and just imagining my oldest falling into a life of drugs and such pains me.

Reading your post reminds me of the Prodical Son. God may be allowing her to wander and that she may see the error of her ways. He may be working to bring her to a place of brokenness so that she may understand the love of a Father. I know we as fathers don't want to see our children in pain or suffering...but I do believe if our Lord is the loving Father He is...There is an aspect of discipline we must endure because He loves us. Maybe we are to allow Him to complete that work.

Just a thought...I'm praying for your daughters return and that when you see her coming, that you run to her and clothe her with love and forgivness. God bless.

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