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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Connecticut church votes to support same-sex "marriage"

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 Connecticut church votes to support same-sex "marriage"


Nearly 400 delegates at the United Church of Christ's Connecticut Conference passed a resolution Saturday supporting legal marriages for same-sex couples. It's now up to local churches as to whether they will follow the new policy.

On Saturday, 390 delegates voted in favor of the resolution during the two-day annual meeting at Suffield High School, according to Mark Dost, one of three delegates from the First Congregational Church of Watertown. The resolution, which says same-sex couples should not be excluded from the civil right of marriage, was opposed by 138 delegates, with 20 delegates abstaining.

Same-sex marriage has been a hot issue with United Church of Christ pastors and church members, causing them to worry about churches breaking away from the conference. In June, the First Church of Christ in Wethersfield, a large and historic parish, quit the denomination over its disagreements with the church's liberal theological bent.

"I'm disappointed with the vote by the delegates at the Connecticut Conference during the annual meeting," said Dost, who was designated to speak against the resolution during the conference. "I'm concerned that it could cause local congregations to reconsider their affiliation with the Connecticut Conference."

Dost, a 21-year member at the Watertown church, also said this is not the way to handle the same-sex marriage issue.

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 Re: Connecticut church votes to support same-sex "marriage"

Well, here we go again. You know what I'm afraid of, Brother Greg? I'm afraid that Christians will get so weary about hearing about homosexuals and what some misguided demoninations are doing to accommodate them, that individuals might throw up their hands in resignation and stop opposing it. When that happens, we might as surrender our souls to the devil because we no longer stand for God. Pray that never happens. Pray that we resist these people every inch of the way, even if it means fragmenting some denominations. After all, Christ's Church is the only one that matters, and that will never fragment because it's head is Jesus Christ. Praise The Lord! God never changes. WE know exactly what He stands for and we can bank on it.

Ed Price

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The church Of Jesus Christ is still His church entrusted to the Holy Spirit and no matter what the gate of hades will never prevail against it!In every church age in the darkest hour God steps in and takes control for His name sake.He'll do it again.And if the glory of the first believers in Acts1 n following is even to be compared to the gloryof the lastbelievers I fear for these lukewarm backslidden pastors.Peter said if he barely made it what is the outcome of the ungodly?Time to weep between the porch and the altar!


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