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 More street preachers arrested for preaching and "peddling"

Look on Youtube (I don't want to post the link) for "STREET PREACHERS ARRESTED AT GAY BAR" YouTube Account: ACallToHoliness

"I was unlawfully arrested while preaching the Gospel in the open air across from a well known Gay bar in San Antonio, Texas called "The Bonham Exchange."

Trumped up charges were brought against us that were later thrown out of court. Thank God for helping us with legal council through Diaz Jakob and Liberty Legal Institute.

Doug R

 2010/5/9 14:19Profile

 Re: More street preachers arrested for preaching and "peddling"

God bless those brothers....they were proclaiming the Gospel with love, not harshness. I always respect law enforcement, but that officer, sure didnt like those brothers. Praise the Name of Jesus, praise him if he plucked the string of one sinners heart, praise Him if any follower of Jesus is lead to do the same, Praise Him.

 2010/5/9 16:32

 Re: More street preachers arrested for preaching and "peddling"

This is Christianity 101. Go forth and make disciples of the nations.

Also a good lesson for all on SI to know and understand the laws for freedom and liberty that are a unique part of America.

 2010/5/9 17:35

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