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 The World's Looming Hope

Greetings SI,

I came across this recently and think it is worth a few minutes of your time. What you will see in this video is the next frontier of opposition to the Faith. These days it is common to hear about those who adopted the atheistic dogma prevalent in the science community to be brought to the Light of Jesus Christ through their study as they discover the answers projected do not measure up.

The link will take you to a talk by Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Research, the software developer of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, a tool often used in many disciplines of science and engineering to solve complex mathematical problems. What he explores in this presentation is how he hopes to discover the system or systems built into the universe that cause it to create seemingly rational, irreducible structures that could also be called Intelligent Design. He does not state this so clearly but it is the intent of exploring what he calls the 'computational universe.'

We know from experience that everything the World throws at the Word fails but because this is something relatively new, it will certainly cause confusion until it can be explored further and the next few generations can be trained into what it can and can not do. Don't be afraid but be aware that this is something that is going on and may come to you with a different mask.

Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything:
[url=]This link takes you to TEDtalks[/url]

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 Re: The World's Looming Hope

This morning Tozer devotional is quite à propos.

"Secularized Mentality
Wednesday, May 05, 2010

God has delegated power to His creatures, but being self-sufficient, He cannot relinquish anything of His perfections and, power being one of them, He has never surrendered the least iota of His power. He gives but He does not give away. All that He gives remains His own and returns to Him again. Forever He must remain what He has forever been, the Lord God omnipotent.

One cannot long read the Scriptures sympathetically without noticing the radical disparity between the outlook of men of the Bible and that of modern men. We are today suffering from a secularized mentality. Where the sacred writers saw God, we see the laws of nature. Their world was fully populated; ours is all but empty. Their world was alive and personal; ours is impersonal and dead. God ruled their world; ours is ruled by the laws of nature, and we are always once removed from the presence of God.

And what are these laws of nature that have displaced God in the minds of millions? Law has two meanings. One is an external rule enforced by authority, such as the common rule against robbery and assault. The word is also used to denote the uniform way things act in the universe, but this second use of the word is erroneous. What we see in nature is simply the paths God's power and wisdom take through creation. Properly these are phenomena, not laws, but we call them laws by analogy with the arbitrary laws of society."

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Benjamin A.

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