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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Saints, things might start happening very quickly.

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 Saints, things might start happening very quickly.

no fear please, but be aware and rest in Faith.

these are links to four articles, the last is the kicker, may God bless you all.

again i say, dont let fear grab you, i post this in the heartspace of "as shrewd as snakes", yet we remain innocent as doves.

 2010/5/4 14:52

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 Re: Saints, things might start happening very quickly.

I looked at two of the headlines and decided (knowing myself as I do) not to read any further. Fear would grab me and I would struggle with this. I am going to share it with my husband though because I know he will have interest.

Thank you for sharing and having a heart for others:)

God Bless

 2010/5/4 15:08Profile


In reference to the Iranian plane taking pictures of one of our aircraft carriers:

"Navy commander Habibollah Sayari did not say when the incident took place, but suggested that the U.S. ship's crew had objected to the Iranian action."

Uhh... yea, I bet they did object... and I bet I know exactly how they made their feelings known! lol


 2010/5/4 15:37

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I think it's best to remain eternity-minded in light of these headlines. Mary Jane you are a pilgrim and this earth is not your home. Take heart.


 2010/5/4 15:39Profile


We have a man in office who is seen as spineless by tyranical governments around the world. Thats a big part of why this is happening now. They see an opportunity.

If Reagan was President... they wouldn't be doing this.


 2010/5/4 15:39

 Re: MJ

My dear sister MJ
definitely cease reading if you feel that fear, the fear is a natural outflow of knowing that we inhabit these clay vessels that are fragile, as well as our reflexible urge to protect our children/ Sometimes the Holy Ghost helps me with this fear, sometimes i stumble about in the thickets of my mind. its life in the natural and its life in the Holies, in Jesus, neil

 2010/5/4 15:58

 Re: Steve...why?

Why you have to politicize this?

"We have a man in office who is seen as spineless by tyranical governments around the world. Thats a big part of why this is happening now. They see an opportunity.

If Reagan was President... they wouldn't be doing this".

If they (and/or you) see the President as "spineless" you and the Iranians are about to be given an education in the use of force in 21st century global superpower force projection.

If the President was "spineless" as you say, why then

has the military wanted for nothing? DoD budget has been increased.

Why did Robert Gates stay on as Secty of Defense, serving THIS President as well as President Bush?

Why has a light weight like Condi Rice been replaced by
MARINE General James Jones as National Security Advisor to the President?

If President Obama was "spineless", why did he give the go to General McChrystal's force request increase of 30,000 more troops in Afghanistan?

parrot the party line, if you want, but its a bankrupt argument, I posted this not to politicize this looming storm, but to advise the saints of whats coming, and it would have come no matter who was President, its a very bad gene pool in Iran right now.

and if you wish to look in the memory glass and President Reagan and his administrations dealings with Iran, need i remind you that it was his administration that illegally sold arms TO THE IRANIANS ("Iran-Contragate" ring a bell?) and how were we paid back by the Iranian's for this?

over 250 of our brothers in uniform, Marines were blown up while they SLEPT in their barracks inm Lebanon, by terrorists funded and led by Iranian Shiites, so dont give this "if Reagan was President".

I respect and honor your service and tactical battlefield acumen and expeirence, but dont embarass yourself by politicizing an event that could trigger a world at war.

i have reasons for posting those articles, believe me, i hope and pray the storm passes and never materializes, it could be THAT BAD, this nation cant afford to be paying $7 plus the gallon of gas right now, it'll sink us.

you can have the last word marine, if you want.

 2010/5/4 16:24


Thank you for granting me the last word. Here it is:

I love you, brother Neil.

Not gonna fight with you.


 2010/5/4 16:49


I love you too Steve, without agenda, agape. dont mean to fight, they'll be enough of that, elsewhere. lets just pray hard it aint gonna be so. amen?

 2010/5/4 17:32

Joined: 2007/6/27
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Omaha, NE


The writing has been on the wall for
some time now; judgment is at the door
for America. When troubles and trials
come; we will need each other more than
ever before!!
Build one another up in the most holy
faith, encourage one another with hope
as the Day draws nearer; and love one
another with fervent devotion!!

Martin G. Smith

 2010/5/4 18:20Profile

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