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 Why do bad things keep happening to the United States

Perhaps the question should be, "Why are we here at all"? As I see the Holiness of God and the perversions of the people here and throughout the world it amazes me that God has tolorated us for so long. Certainly His mercy endures forever.

But God is a God of love. Amen. He does love us but let me say He is far more concerned that people get right with Him than that they keep following their selfish sinful ways. So if He righteously brings judgement upon us, it is because He does love us. Perhaps I should surprise you and tell you that only about 5% of the people that attend church are truely born again and in right relationshiip with God. That means that most of the people in the U.S. are on their way to Hell and rightfully so. Therefore it would be unloving of God to allow us to keep up our false hopes and spank us so that we can wake up and repent. I believe that God is judging america so that people will come to true repentance and get saved.

How much better that the number goes form 5% to 6% and our nation be destroyed. Than the number keep going down and we keep on doing that which is evil in His sight.

Folks, this is not about us. Remember He is God. You are the creature. He is the potter, you are the clay. Its not about us! Its His universe, His Kingdom, His glory. If we are all sent to Hell we only get what we deserve. If we truely repent and He has mercy on us and converts us and forgives us and allows us the right to be children of God. Folks that just mercy, it is a attribute of who He is.

He is not going to weep over you or America if He casts us all into Hell for your crimes against Him. He is going to do it in wrath against a monster of iniquity which is what most of the soicial network called the chruch of today is.

Consider His goodness. Repent from all known sin, get down on your knees and cry out to God to forgive you and tell Him you will serve Him even if He destroys America, even if He allows you to go through persecution, even if He casts you out in the end. If you are serving God, for what you can get out of Him, you are in the sin of selfishness and you are the first one that needs to repent and get right with God.

If you are not walking in victory or believe that you have to sin even as a Christian, your view of God is far to small. For if the Spirit that raised up Christ Jesus from the dead quicken your mortal bodies, man you are changed by no small transaction. It is not the power of creation, but the power that raised Jesus from the dead will remake you. You have no right to sin anymore. But if you do, that is a small if, you do have an advocate before the throne of God.

If you believe you can sin and be a Christian, you are in the sin of iniquity your condemnation is just you are an enemy of God and are in need of repentance, and you need to believe the Bible and get saved.

So to end I believe that worst things will happen to the U.S. jsut because God does love us. Read Rvelation and see all the judgements God is promiseing. consider how many people will die in those judgements and don't get critical with God if He destroys those who hate Him.

Wish I had more time.

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