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 British Election 2010: A Time to Cry and Pray!

1 Peter 2:17 KJV
Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

Hebrews 13:17 KJV
Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves : for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief : for that is unprofitable for you.

The Three Party candidates are Gordan Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron. We need prayer for the Election as the Government we have had at the moment as done most damage to Christianity than any other government.

[url=,_2010]British Election 2010[/url]

[url=,_2010]General Election[/url]

[url=]Uk Election Manifestos[/url]

Quotes from the Leadership Debate on Foreign Affairs(


"AUDIENCE MEMBER: Good evening. The Pope has accepted an invitation to make an official state visit to Britain in
September at a cost of millions of pounds to tax-payers. If you win the election, will you
disassociate your party from the Pope's protection over many years of Catholic priests who
were ultimately tried and convicted of child abuse, and from his fierce opposition to all
contraception, embryonic stem cell research, treatment for childless couples, gay equality and
the routine use of condoms when HIV is at an all-time high?

ADAM BOULTON: Thank you, Michael. So, do you back the Pope's visit, David Cameron?

DAVID CAMERON: I do think it's welcome that the Pope is coming to Britain, and I would, if I was your Prime
Minister, I would want to support that visit and make sure I could do everything in my power to
make it a success. There are millions of people in our country who will welcome that, who
shares the Pope's Catholic faith and I think we should try and make a success of it. Do I agree
with everything the Pope says? No, I don't agree with him about contraception. I don't agree
with him about homosexuality, and I think the Catholic Church has got some very, very serious
work to do to unearth and come to terms with some of the appalling things that have
happened, and they need to do that. But I do think we should respect people of faith. I think
faith is important in our country. I think faith-based organisations, whether they are Christian or
Jewish, or Muslim, or Hindu, do amazing things in our country, whether it is working in our
prisons or providing good schools or actually helping some of the most vulnerable people in
our country. A country where faith is welcome, yes, a visit from the Pope, yes, but does that
mean we have to agree with everything he says? No.


NICK CLEGG: I'm not a man of faith, but my wife Miriam is Catholic, my children are being brought up in her
faith, so I have a little bit of an insight into the immense feelings of anguish in the Catholic
community here and elsewhere. And I think many Catholics themselves feel really extremely,
extremely torn apart by what's happened. I think they do want to see the Catholic Church
express greater openness and repentance. You can't keep a lid on sin, and of course you
need to move with the times. I do welcome the Pope's visit, but I hope by the time he does
visit, there is a greater recognition that there has been terrible, terrible suffering, there have
been abusive relationships which have left immeasurable scars on individual people's lives
and we need a process of openness and then healing. You can't undo the tragedies of the
past, but you can be open about them so people can start to move on.
ADAM BOULTON: Gordon Brown.

GORDON BROWN: I've met some of the people who have rightly complained about the abuse that they were
subject to when young, and it never leaves them. It is something that is with them always. And
no matter what you can try to do to help, there is always this problem that they have to face up
to every day, that they were abused, cruelly abused, by people in whom they placed their faith
and trust. So the church has got to deal with these problems, and it's got to make sure that
there is an open and clean confession about what has happened, and that we help those
people who have been put into difficulty by this abuse. You know, I welcome the Pope's visit to
Britain. And I want him to come to Britain for two reasons: one is the Catholic Church is a great
part of our society, and we should recognise it as such, and I hope every British citizen wants
to see this visit by the Pope take place. Secondly, we must break down the barriers of religion
that exist in our world. The faiths must come together and recognise they have common
values and common interests. They all believe that we should be good neighbours to each
other. I'm from the Presbyterian religion, but I support the visit, but I not only support it, I want
religious faiths to work more closely together.

We have recently had bills to stop our freedom in street preaching and with the areas of homosexuality!
We need a revival or there will be a riot!
The UK needs a lot of prayer !

Dominic Shiells

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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: British Election 2010: A Time to Cry and Pray!

We need prayer the Uk has a hung parliament!

Dominic Shiells

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That is right, it is a very critical moment in the history of Britain. Things got tougher for Christians in the UK already, may God have mercy on us and give us a more God fearing government.

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Joined: 2005/1/6
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Hemel Hempstead


Are country is almost as bad as Greece, we are on the edge of Anarchy

Dominic Shiells

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