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 Anglican Church to ban gay bishops?


The Anglican Church will order its world leaders to sign an unbreakable covenant forbidding the ordination of openly gay bishops, according to British reports.

The covenant will be unveiled in a long-awaited report, in an effort to heal a deep rift in the church over the issue of homosexuality.

The Church's 38 provinces would be made to sign a "unity agreement", preventing the ordination of openly gay bishops such as Gene Robinson, who was consecrated in the United States last year.

A spokesman for the Church declined to comment on the Times report, calling it "speculation".

It's been reported a so-called "star chamber" court would be set up to judge cases in which provinces were accused of breaking the pact.

Those found guilty would effectively be suspended. In extreme cases, churches would be denied the right to claim they are "in communion" with the church's spiritual head, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the newspaper said.

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 Re: Anglican Church to ban gay bishops?

Praise God in a world of darkness a light is beging to shine. let us walk in his light, that all spot and wrinkle maybe cleansed and put right.
Who can go unto the hill of the Lord be he with clean hands and a pure heart.

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 Re: Anglican Church to ban gay bishops?

Those found guilty would effectively be suspended. In extreme cases, churches would be denied the right to claim they are "in communion" with the church's spiritual head,...

If they only stopped there and though about it for a moment...

Mike Balog

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The latest reports over here are saying that the Anglican Communion is calling upon the American Anglicans to apologise for their appointment of the homosexual bishop. And is calling on African clergy not to accept the role of priest in American conservative parishes who are opposed to homosexuals in the Anglican ministry.

"The Anglican church has urged US church leaders to apologise for ordaining a gay priest as bishop.

The call was made by the Lambeth Commission, set up after the ordination of Gene Robinson threatened to split the worldwide Anglican church.

Commission chairman Irish Anglican leader Robin Eames concluded: "There remains a very real danger that we will not choose to walk together."

The report also called for a moratorium on the consecration of gay candidates. " BBC Website.

While not wanting to discourage anyone the Anglican church in the UK was the result of what historians call the Elizabethan Compromise and the resulting church was designed to be a church with a Reformed Theology and a Catholic Liturgy. This has produced centuries of tensions and leaves the Anglican church to be 'all things to all men'.

Ron Bailey

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 Re: the 'plot' thickens...

Currently the BBC says

US bishop 'regret' over gay split
Gene Robinson became the ninth Bishop of New Hampshire
The head of the US Episcopal Church has expressed "regret" that the appointment of a gay bishop has threatened to split the worldwide Anglican church.

But Bishop Frank Griswold stopped short of the apology called for in the Windsor Report on the issue.

The report called on bishops involved in the ordination of openly gay clergyman Gene Robinson, to the New Hampshire Diocese, to apologise.

It also called for a moratorium on the consecration of gay candidates.

Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, Frank Griswold said: "We regret how difficult and painful actions of our church have been in many provinces of our communion".

The report seemed to propose "containment of differences in the service of reconciliation", he said.

There has been talk of crisis, schism and realignment - voices and declarations have portrayed a communion in crisis
Robin Eames

Factfile: Anglicans worldwide
An almighty problem
"However, unless we go beyond containment and move to some deeper place of acknowledging and making room for the differences that will doubtless continue to be present in our communion, we will do disservice to our mission."

The report demanded an explanation from the Anglican Church in the US, known as Episcopalian, about "how a person living in a same gender union may be considered eligible to lead the flock of Christ".

Scripture must be used to back up the explanation, the report produced by the Lambeth Commission added.

Many conservative clergy believe the Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality, and African church leaders have also argued it is a strong cultural taboo in many areas on the continent.

However, the report urged all members of the church to work together, while acknowledging that serious divisions exist.

'Anglican family'

The report urged the 50 bishops who attended the ordination of Gene Robinson last November as Bishop of New Hampshire to apologise for their actions, but added that they should not be expelled.

Until there was an apology, those who took part should consider whether to withdraw themselves from functions of the Anglican Communion, the commission said.

Lambeth Commission chairman, Irish Anglican leader Robin Eames, told BBC World Service's Newshour: "There could have been much more consultation before they took a step that was obviously contrary to the views of a great many Anglicans."

He added: "In a world Anglican family there are no rules, no constitution, to control our relationship with each other.

"While autonomy is important, we have to be realistic that there are certain limitations to it... when it affects the beliefs, the practice, the confidence of others."

70 million baptised members worldwide
38 self-governing Churches
500 dioceses, 30,000 parishes, 64,000 congregations in 164 countries
26 million members in the United Kingdom
17.5 million members in Nigeria
2.5 million members in the US
Windsor Report in full a 91 page document.

Conservatives, particularly in the African sections of the church, were outraged over the ordination and several broke ties with the US. Many are still demanding the suspension of the US church.

Dr Eames said the ordination of Canon Robinson and the blessing of same-sex unions in Canada had uncovered "major divisions throughout the Anglican Communion".

"There has been talk of crisis, schism and realignment. Voices and declarations have portrayed a communion in crisis."

But he told Newshour: "I am confident that we will find our way through this difficulty.

"It will take immense patience, immense courage, but I do believe that there are the seeds already today for a way forward."

'Sign of hope'

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, said the fact that the commission had been unanimous in its findings "counts as a considerable achievement and a sign of hope".

He added: "There is plenty to digest and there should be no rush to judgement.

some comments:
Gay bishop report 'toothless'
"We want voices round the communion to be heard and we will be putting in place a careful and wide-ranging process for gathering responses."

Reverend Martin Reynolds, of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, praised the report's "conciliatory " tone.

"This is a document we can work with, this is a church we want to continue to be a part of."

But the Church Society branded the report "toothless" for lacking clear direction over the issue of homosexuality.

"Everyone stressed how important the communion was but not what you do when people undermine that," said the society's Reverend David Phillips.

"I am pretty disappointed with this. I was expecting something much more definite and clear."

This is shaping up to be a classic Anglican 'solution' in which everyone thinks they have been justified and no-one is entirely happy. A close examniation will show that those against homosexual ordination of priests wanted an apology for 'what the American episcopalians had done'. The American episcopalians have apologised 'that the some of the Anglican community didn't like what they had done'.

Ron Bailey

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