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 Mary Jane

dear sister, "fornicate" means just that.

I feel bad for anybody going thru hard financial times, that said, he's at C-PAC, terming the President, as "homey", i'd call that not an undercurrent of rascism, its more pronounced and overt racism, than a mere "undercurrent". and Stephen also has a "conservative" radio talk show, which is swell, everybody has earn a living, but he sure aint J. Vernon McGee.

You see public figures fornicate all the time with politics, and i dont care what wing, left or right, all it is now is just shouting. and it seems to me, that when followers of Jesus, who are public figures, whether they be actors, or high profile pastors/preachers whatever, get to fornicating with "politics", they're done.

Whether it's Rick Warren/Jim Wallis on the left getting in the mud with the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, or its Ted Haggard, James Dobson, et al (too many to name) on the right. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson on the left...or even Stephen Baldwin throwing his hat in the ring with the lot, he joins the long grey line of harlots fornicating with politics, and harlots fornicate because they get paid. They, professed public, high profile followers of Jesus get caught up in this high profile high wire act of politics, and any REAL ministry they have gets killed.

so, thats what i meant by "fornicate" and i think the level of discourse today, wherever, is just so polluted, i long for Heaven.

yours in Christ, neil

 2010/4/25 17:50

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 Re: Mary Jane

Hi Neil

I understand your point now thank you for your response. I do think personally as a christian I am not to be involved in politics or government. I was not sure if that was what you were meaning also:)

Personally I think I need to use all my time to be about the Lords Kingdom and that I find leaves me no time left to worry or be involved with this worldly kingdom/government.(I am only speaking for myself, a personal conviction so please no one get offended:)

God Bless

 2010/4/25 17:57Profile

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If only poor Baldwin could become anonymous. For any private person, these troubles of his would be overwhelming...but for him and his problems to become subject matter of talk shows and blogs is such a pity.


Mike Compton

 2010/4/25 21:27Profile

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Natan, don't think anyone is ridiculing him or attacking him. Celebrity status in this country is such a idol and if your a christian celebrity it seems that it can be worse. Now I don't know what happened to Baldwin, but to make a video encouraging people to give money is completely silly. How many people in this country who have financial difficulties and are our brothers and sisters...should one be esteemed more because they are a celebrity, God shows know partiality.

 2010/4/26 7:10Profile


but to make a video encouraging people to give money is completely silly

wholeheartedly agree with you.

I went thru an evolution on the whole sad affair, and as i said, equally grievous and "silly" is his "witness" at C-PAC, calling the President "homey", equally silly is getting up on "conservative" radio and spewing out fleshly palaber. ( it would be the same if he did it from the left)

and i agree with you that we make "idols" out of celebrties, and that is not only cofined to actors, can include high profile politicians, high profile preachers/pastors/ and parachurch leaders......

 2010/4/26 7:49

 Re: reformer

I think this whole thing a horrible witness to the entire world all the way around.


 2010/4/27 12:58

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