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 Stephen Baldwin update

Stephen baldwin, actor and born again Christian is having some troubles. Some are stepping up to help. Maybe some on SI would be interested as well. Check out the story on Yahoo and decide for yourself.

 2010/4/25 8:51

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 Re: Stephen Baldwin update

Please!! What has he done that deserves such an outpouring. What about the countless thousands of brothers and sisters that don't have to two nickles to rub together? Or the local food missions? If he filed bankruptcy maybe he needs a financial consultant and see what he is doing with his money than more people giving him money. He could just go out and get a job?

Plus I have seen a movie recently with him in it with a scene of him and a woman in an intimate moment!

Wish him the best and hope things go well and we should pray for him....I am sure there are some on SI that have the same struggles....were is there video?

 2010/4/25 9:10Profile

 Re: American idols?

"Wish him the best and hope things go well and we should pray for him....I am sure there are some on SI that have the same struggles....were is there video?"..reformer

That's funny. I'm still laughing.

Mine are in Heaven, and I hope NOBODY sees them but the Lord! I have also, shamed Him. God cannot lie, but He can forget. It goes hand in hand with forgive. I thank Jesus for going through with the Crucifixion, offering His life for my deserts, and erasing those videos.

Also, this deal about exalting celebrities. It seems that many of them transfer it into the kingdom, and those who celebrate them see them as special; another class of famous influence, I suppose. It is foolishness, for God IS no respecter of persons.
1John 5:19
And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life.
21.. "Little children, keep yourselves from idols." Amen.

American idols too, converted or not.

 2010/4/25 9:50


hmmm.. well we have seen a few actors profess a born again experience in the past, Charlie sheen, Jane fonda, and Denzel washington come to mind. Kirk cameron has remained faithfull. Denzel seems to be trying. Charlie sheen has obviosly fallen back and Jane Fonda as well.

Stephen Baldwin I belive is trying to stand for Christ. He is of course not perfect. The temptations of Hollywood business are of course incredible. I think we should be more careful of being critical towards stephen Baldwin. he needs the encouragement of the christian community, not the condemnation. If we as christians can pray for him and encourage him in the faith and help him grow then that seems a plus. If he backslides because of his woes then that will be more ammo for the unbeleivers,"see, christianity dosen't work etc.

I don't know evrything, so maybe I am wrong.

Maybe it was a mistake for me to bring this story to the SI community.

 2010/4/25 10:21


uhh I also don't know how this fell under sermon index announcements. I thought I put it under news and current events.

 2010/4/25 10:44


ah, feel the love. "look how they love one another".

First time on this forum, i've seen you register mirth and joy, Tom.

The entertainment industry is most definitely a dark dank hole, full of godlessness, pride, self exhaltation, worship of money, etc, but its really no different than any other industry, in this respect, Greed abounds, pride abounds, godlessness is the rule of the day.

That said, there are only three segments of American industry where we maintain a trade surplus with the rest of the world, agriculture, (God bless the farmers of America) weapons manufacture, and entertainment content.

admittedly, 99 whatever percent of this content is filth, ungodly, frivolous, profane, and there are very very few followers of Jesus within this business, i can testify to that.

and i agree with you, there is a propensity among many in this nation to cast idols of actors, performers, etc, and that is heart-rending, grievous, its terrible. Even the "hit" show "American Idol" gives me spiritual indigestion, that's why i dont even watch TV, or that show. its garbage.

Knowing the Baldwin's, at least this lad was blessed enough to apprehend Messiah Jesus, his downfall was probably that of the "Rich Ruler", which is living "large", and he is being tested and refined by that Godly discipline, may he come out the other end, better for God's purpose,that's my prayer, for him, for me, for you, for the whole Body of Christ. This lad is not a "greater than" simply by his public exposure, but the enemy does love to pick off those who are public figures.

One thing that's crept onto this forum, in my eyes, has been a tendency to hard-heartedness, to harsh judgement, to scorn and ill-will, it tacks counter to the Ministry of the Resurected Jesus Christ, "I desire mercy, not sacrifice".

i doubt you will even address me, and thats okay, but it would sure be nice,if the measure that was counted out to us, was shown to others in Jesus' love, this forum would be a safe place to testify and reason and encourage the brethern. in the past, i have been guilty of intemperate dialogue and do not hurl stones, but plead this sin of mine under the Blood of Jesus.


 2010/4/25 10:54


you wrote:

"Maybe it was a mistake for me to bring this story to the SI community".

thats the sad thing that has crept onto this forum, just a hardness, rather than a spirit of humility and love.

It just doesn't feel safe to share. It doesn't feel like there's any profit, or mutual edification to be real, and open one's heart...and that is truly sad. I've been guilty of hardness, and i've seen a lot of these threads that grieve me, but then i ask myself......"why post?" "what Glory would you bring to God by joining in the cyber scrum?"

and the answer is "none".

I just want to say this, my tent making work, my writing has me researching deep into Islamic theology. (no, dont worry, Jesus has a GRIP on me so intense) but to my sadness, what i've noticed is this, regarding "theology" and "doctrine" and "intra faith" theological arguments and outlooks. "fundamentalistic" Christianity and fundamentalistic Islam.....are almost mirror images of each other.

For instance Shia Islam is like the Roman Catholic church, while Sunni Islam bears resemblance to Protestantism, even to the point that several divurgent streams course from that. They even have their own version of the "Cal/Arm" debate.....complete with the ferocious interfaith arguments. Difference being, these boys aint afraid to kill one another, Shia, Sunni, and the salafi....or kill the "heathen"...what is translated to "infidels"..or "non-believers".

It wasnt too long ago we were rampaging thru Europe on the Crusades, or even later, burning "hereticks" at the stake, but now we have laws, these boys are about a thousand years behind the bell curve...and of course, they refuse to accept that Messiah has come, shed His Blood to cover the sins of the world, otherwise, its a disturbing mirror image, because in our Faith, as Jesus said, just calling your brother "raca" (fool) is akin to murder.

words are powerful, which leads me to the conclusion that "religion" kills, Jesus saves, and woe be to us, if we embrace the dark spirit of "religiousity".

i don't mean to offend anybody, but there it is.

in Jesus' love, neil

 2010/4/25 11:20


I thought I was reading Oral Roberts plea for a Million Dollars.

This is such a joke!

 2010/4/25 12:26


a joke? methinks some here would be falling all over themselves to help out this brother, what i didnt know about Stephen is that he's been fornicating with the political elements out there:

"It is one of the biggest annual gatherings of conservatives in Washington. The yearly CPAC convention hosts everyone from Sen. Scott Brown to Mitt Romney. Even former Vice-President Dick Cheney made a surprise appearance today.

The crowd was full of frustration towards President Obama and his administration, and the words “Tea Party” seemed to be flying out of every Republican’s mouth. One big agenda item for the Republicans? Galvanizing the youth vote.

And one of the people leading the youth charge is Stephen Baldwin. One of the famous Baldwin brothers, Baldwin hosts a conservative radio show and has enlisted himself in the youth recruitment effort. Baldwin told our Jonathan Karl that he blames Obama for the state of the country, but also prays for him.

“I am not happy about the way things are. I pray for President Obama every single day. But tell you what. Homey made this bed, now he has got to lay in it,” said Baldwin.

When we asked Baldwin to clarify that he did in fact mean Obama when he said “homey” Baldwin stuck by his words. “That is correct,” he said.

Baldwin introduced the XPac 2010 lounge at CPAC, which is a “social and entertainment lounge for the young conservative folks to come together, hang out, have some food, get to know one another, share their ideas, share their fresh, new smart, intelligent, innovative concepts about what may be a way to make greater strides for the conservative movement in the future.”

For more on the day’s events at the CPAC tune in to World News tonight


you can even see him term the President of the US as "homey"....great witness.

 2010/4/25 14:09

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you can even see him term the President of the US as "homey"....great witness.


I do not agree with President Obama on many issue or a number of his policy, but I do think it was disrespectful for Stephen Baldwin to refer to him as "homey".

Neil: I was wondering what you meant by this comment though?
what i didn't know about Stephen is that he's been fornicating with the political elements out there:


God bless

 2010/4/25 15:19Profile

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