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Cache Valley, Utah


Good Morning,
Just a quick update of the doctors findings concerning Barbaras condition after the first half of her radiation treatments.
The Dr. said that the cancer markers had not changed which we thought was a good sign, but he explained that if the radiation was working they would have decreased.
Barbara is very exhausted and it takes everything she has when engaged in any type of physical activity. The doctor said that in all fairness it was time to think about the quality of life instead of the quantity of life. He said that she is too weak to start on chemo after she finishes the last 9 radiation treatments and that the goal is now to prevent and relieve suffering and to improve quality of life during the remaining time she has with her family. Sharon said he had tears in his eyes when he told her that. He has been treating her for 3 1/2 years and knows about the 5 children she will be leaving behind.
So he has approved hospice/palliative care to begin after the last radiation treatment next week.

So all we can ask is that you keep Barbara and her family in your prayers along with Jackie, Bill & family.
God Bless.
Dad / Charlie

Alan Taylor

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Obviously, the doctors do not expect Barbara to live very long....

Brother, during a time like this it is too easy to focus on your own grief and the children get lost in the confusion of it. I do hope they will be looked after...and may I suggest the mother do something for them? Have her record her advice of how she would advise her children what they could reasonably expect to encounter in the future: "What should one do and so does this or that?" "How do I choose a mate?" "How should I conduct myself when with the opposite sex?" These are just to get started...does this make sense?

Brother, I read about one cancer victim doing this for her children. She taped a series of tapes, dealing with issues teens will face in life and how she would advise her children. I sure wished I had heard of it before our daughter succumbed to glioblastoma. All she did was write a note for her two children...

God bless you...and I do hope you will look to the God of all comfort to sustain you during this time. You will need this for the future as well. If you allow it, it could become one of the richest experiences you will ever have...

Been there done that, brother....


PS: BTW, my opinion of that husband of hers is not all that charitable...

Sandra Miller

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