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 Re: Can a woman teach???

Brothertom, I really appreciate your dividing of the word. I don't have a problem being taught by men who are submitted to Christ. (I'll skip the matter of marriage to a man who is unsubmitted to Christ.)

However, there is no doubt - for instance when listening to a single lady missionary like Helen Rosevere - that GOD has called some women 'to teach'. Having said that, I'm sure she loves to sit under sound ministry from any brother.

I believe a survey of 'the church' in a previous generation, noted that two thirds of missionaries are women, and at least some of those remained unmarried because a man would not obey God's call on his life, or, a man whom God had called first, had refused.

God is not trying to break His own directions, but sometimes, in the furtherance of His absolute intentions, He finds Himself pursuing His destination by another route.

 2010/4/30 6:49

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BrotherTom, I appreciate you exposition on the role of women in 'ministry'.

Brother Paul echoed these sentiments in Titus 2:3-5.

Too many times people think that in order to be of any use one must be in formal leadership positions. This is so far from the truth that it comes out as a flat out lie. The enemy has truly deceived one into believing that unless you are great, get a lot of public attention you are not doing anyrthing worthwhile! Sounds like pride that hankers to be fed.

Personally, I find it so fulfilling when I get into spiritual discussions with people on an informal level. This happens quite frequently at our store. It can include males or females, it matters little. When these conversations occur I experience such a wonderful, unspeakable joy....

(BTW, I deeply appreciate the ministry of exposition which teaches me a lot about the Scriptures, how it is to be interpreted and regarded. And the ones who take the leadership in this ministry is males. So, men, you have to be faithful and careful in how you handle the Word because there are women who ARE listening - even if you are not aware of it- and learning and using what you say! and if you misinterpret the WORD God will hold you accountable, as well! Grave responsibility...)


Sandra Miller

 2010/4/30 7:26Profile


I heard an old preacher once commented on;

"Suffer not a woman to teach",

saying, "a woman is not to introduce new teaching in the church but she can repeat what is already been said. She is not to establish her own interpretation but to consult with other men."

All it takes is a few weak men who give in to the notions that "Well, it could be interpreted that way, yes". That is the devils interpretation to Eve, "this is what God really meant".

Instead of heeding to the established commandment, the woman went above and beyond her natural calling.

Most women know their place. They just hate being reminded of it, and who wouldn't. And most men have lost their place and won't admit they have.

But there is a beautiful place for women to walk in. But alot of women have ventured into the arena where they ought not to be. And men are walking in the place of women where they ought not to be. It's really a messy situation. We need a Reformation, a Revival and Restoration.

 2010/4/30 8:44

 BrotherTom: " Elders and ministry...male and female"

that was a most excellent which i say "amen".

and i never before recognized, or apprehended what John Zebedee meant in his Epistle, 3 John about Diotrephes, "who likes to put himself first" and how that relates to the "pastorate", or "pastor".

You opened my eyes on that one, i'm not saying i want to "break glass" in a modern church setting, but it sure did open my eyes.

Thank you brother and God bless you for rightly dividing the Word, in Jesus' love, neil

 2010/4/30 10:11

 Re: BrotherTom: " Elders and ministry...male and female"

I must confess Brother Tom that that exposition of being a Pastor or biblically correct, an Elder was excellent. That was a refreshing read that even the holy women that peruse this website would agree.

I will adopt that thinking.

Well done Brother

Proverbs 27:2

 2010/4/30 10:51

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I agree this is a really great post by Tom.I am printing it out to go over later!

God Bless

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 Re: Notice

Notice Paul say "I" suffer not a woman to teach. Does that not sound like what he was saying in 1 Corinthian 7:12 " But to the rest speak "I" not the Lord..." and in verse 25 he says " Now concerning virgins I have no commandment of the Lord: yet I give my judgment..." I believe paul may not have been giving a commandment concerning women and teaching but maybe a suggestion or his preference.

Jerry Austin

 2010/5/7 16:29Profile

 Re:Women of constrained fire?

I though that this dovetailing with the "Women of Fire" thread by Austin..[sermonindex] would be worth considering. We are one body, and their are no underclass Christians. If we possess the Holy spirit, cannot He manifest His life and power in sisters as well as brothers?

 2010/5/15 10:41

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