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 Greetings to you all

Praise The Lord my brothers and sisters In The Lord Jesus Christ.I've been humbled,so humbled by the teachings of Rev.David Wilkerson, till I want others to hear this timely message.I download the messages pay to burn them on cds and give out for free to others also to listen so that their lives too may be changed.I'm yet to listen to other preachers though currently I'm still on Wilkerson.

I have realised that I was oblivious of true Christianity where faith In Jesus and The leadership of the Holy Spirit leads the way.Where christianity is founded on repentance not once but for a lifetime and not just a mere lip service but a wholly transformed life.

Oh God bless you sermon Index for this great work and all for free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Re: Greetings to you all

Amen, Praise God for Godly teaching. May you be edified, built up and equipped for service to God. Amen to a lifetime of repentance and not lip service. Praise God he has opened your eyes to such deep truth. May God bless you Okoth.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: Greetings to you all

We are rejoicing with you


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 Re: Greetings to you all

Wilkerson is a blessing and I agree SI is definitely a blessing, my eyes were opened to the gospel through Paul Washer and the Ten Indictment of the Modern Church.

I actually like Zac Poonen and Paris Reidhead myself, I think I have listened to all of Paris' sermons and have actually burned and sent out Ten Shekels and a Shirt to all of the local churches around here just waiting to see some growth from it all.

I really haven't heard a bad sermon from Wilkerson either which is good, I will give a warning from my experience to not place anyone you listen to on a higher level than what they are like a Super Christian, always keep in mind they are men and being human have a tendency to still make mistakes. Also I would also warn about just listening and strive to be a doer of what hear which I am sure you are striving for that :) May God be glorified, Magnified, and Praised forever.

Matthew Guldner

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Welcome! This is truly a place set up to uplift Jesus and edify the saints. David W. has been one of my teachers for years too. I also have been ministered to by so many others but a new voice to me has been Zac Poonen. I am very blessed by his teachings. In fact, he is having a conference of sorts in Aug. in Loveland, Colorado and Lord willing, I get to go. I am so excited. Anyway, welcome - there is more meat here to last a life time. But it is true, the most important is to sit at the feet of Jesus and in the Word. He loves it when we spend time with Him and learn of Him alone, in the quiet time. The more we get to know Him the more we will fall in love with Him and the more the things of the world will not be attractive any longer. Glory to God.

What an awesome idea of paying for some of the sermons, creating CD's and sending them out to the Churches. Thank you for that awesome idea. God is so faithful! Amen

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