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Daniel chapter nine is what we do codek...we pray prayers of repentance for our wayward people, even if we are not involved with it ourselves. Daniel received vision from God when he repented on behalf of his own people, though his own sin was never mentioned.

It has come to my attention this week that there is a dominionist doctrine of "intercessory repentance" being propagated by the Apostles of the New Reformation. In no way, was I trying to advocate what they mean by that teaching. I was only attempting to discover what the non-Pharisaical attitude of the heart should be when we see others deceived by the craftiness of sin.

I was concerned that we do not allow the iniquity abounding within what many consider to be the church, to cause the love in our hearts to grow cold. I would in no way advocate that me praying for mercy on others whom are making me to hate "even the garment spotted by the flesh," is equal to them repenting. Or even my nation repenting. Such a thought seems reprehensible to me.

However I learned to be a bit more careful with my words, but certainly after learning this, I started thinking about the nature of attitudinal heresy, and how much it robs us of as believers. Some times it seems as if these kinds of things make us react and go overboard the wrong way. Almost as if heresy is not just heresy for its own sake, but that it causes a hardening of our own hearts toward the real deep truth of a other words heresy is not always necessarily for the purpose of use by the heretic, as much as it is and can be for the purpose of tricking a believer out of God's best intentions for them. Is that not the more crafty purpose? (I am only postulating here, any thoughts in opposition are welcomed. All this just made me ponder these things today.)

I still think that Daniel, and Jesus, and Moses, and Abraham were right to pray for mercy on sinners, and to intercede on their behalf, and to include oneself in that lump. Jesus prayed that his executioners would be forgiven from the cross, where he became sin. Moses interceded so many times on behalf of a wayward Israel, Daniel included himself among the transgressors whom had turned their back on God. Abraham prayed that Sodom would be saved, and the Lord capitulated to the degree that there were even a few left righteous within the city.

I will not throw the baby out with the bathwater just because some people kneed truth into their bread of lies. This whole thing is proof positive to me that the need for us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves in these days is more applicable than ever.

My purpose is not to sit here and analyze the false teaching, or to start a whole new branch (about dominionism) in this thread. I am sure that you can do some research and find out what I am talking about, (as it pertains to dominionist ideology) if you are that interested.

If someone however does want to discuss dominionism I ask kindly that another thread is started, as I am not really interested in that particular discussion because it could lead to a curious loophole in the forum rules. (As dominionism mixes church and state with the intention of having Christians force ideology politically.)

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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