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 Hudson Taylors Vision

Hudson Taylors Vision

Hudson Taylor, missionary to China and founder of the first truly inter-denominational foreign mission, the China Inland Mission, was graced by God to 'glimpse' some of today's events 140 years ago!

On one of his furloughs to England in 1855, Taylor was preaching when suddenly he stopped. He stood speechless for a time with his eyes closed.
When he began to speak again he explained :
I have seen a vision. I saw in this vision a great war that encompasses the world. I saw this war recess and then start again, actually being two wars. After this I saw much unrest and revolts that will affect many nations. I saw in some places spiritual awakenings. In Russia, I saw there will come a general all-encompassing, national SPIRITUAL AWAKENING so great that there could never be another like it. From Russia, I saw the awakening spread to many European countries. Then I saw an all-out awakening, followed by the coming of Christ.

(From an original Russian article titled "Spiritual Revival" published in Finland in 1945, reprinted from "Food for Life International". Quoted in "Intercessors for America Newsletter", vol 21, no 7/8, also in the "European Prayer Bulletin", 3rd quarter 1994.

from: [url=][/url]

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 Re: Hudson Taylors Vision

I would love this to be true but Google-ing the various references was not encouraging. I am posting this so others will not repeat it without more history/documentation.

A review of Wikipedia's history of Hudson Taylor's life, seems to put him in China before, during, and after 1855. It took many months to travel one way, China to London, in those days. [edit: "A four-month voyage was considered speedy at the time." from Wikipedia, same article]

"arriving in Shanghai, China, on 1 March 1854 ... Taylor made 18 preaching tours in the vicinity of Shanghai starting in 1855,... [stayed in and around Shanghai.] During his stay in Shanghai, he also adopted and cared for a Chinese boy named Hanban...." He was joined by an evangelist, working in Shantou, had his medical supplies, being stored in Shanghai, destroyed by a fire. Then in October 1856, while traveling across China he was robbed of nearly everything he owned.

The first mention of a return to London is: "Because of health problems, in 1860 Taylor decided to return to England for a furlough with his family."

I have received the IFA Newsletter since about 1992. Vol. 21 would be 1984 and 7/8 would be July/Aug. They might respond to a contact question on this.

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 Re: H.Taylor Vision and some things i did not want to tell (INTRO kinda')

Often have i been dissappointed by both google and wik.

It appears that there might be a sleight chance that there could be enough of a gap in the information you have provided, to make the possibility plausible enough to be true.

For instance, what if the fire neccessitated a trip to England.

No need to double up on the scouting, so if anybody intends on checking into it, please notify.

As well, the source could checked as to where they got their info.

Also, i am sure that the newspaper publishers in " Jolly ole' " would be able to confirm/negate this furlough.

Time is no limitation with God...
(but i have a whole bunch of work to do over the next few days, sooo, somebody please look into all this?????)

Consider Phillip in Acts 8 for an example of not being bound by the limitation of time, or the discples with Jesus, after he got in the boat in Lake Ganeseret(sp?)(Sea of Tiberus-Gallil)

No matter what any of us speculate, think, say, or write, one thing is certain:


Looks like the intro will have to wait for a rainey day.

Gotta' go put the nose to the grindstone.

 2010/4/13 6:28

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