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 Vatican forgives The Beatles

[b]Vatican forgives The Beatles[/b]

Their enthusiastic pursuit of the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle also did little to convince the Vatican they were anything other than a thoroughly bad influence.

But now in a move sanctioned by Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church has offered the Fab Four its official seal of approval, forgiving them their various excesses and even lauding them as a “precious jewel”.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/4/12 20:16Profile

 Re: Vatican forgives The Beatles

corruption at its best

 2010/5/14 11:38

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 Re: Vatican forgives The Beatles

who will be next the "pope" forgives... Hitler?

Doug R

 2010/5/14 12:55Profile

 Re: Vatican forgives The Beatles

I wonder how much money had to pass through the Vatican to get the Pope to acknowledge this redemption.

I need to find a bucket.

 2010/5/14 14:46

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