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 Greg Laurie

How biblically sound is Greg Laurie?

Haven't heard or seen much on him here.

 2010/4/9 21:52

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 Re: Greg Laurie

Hello codek. Greg Laurie is part of the Calvary Chapel denomination. Calvary Chapel is a sound denomination. They believe and teach the essentials of the Christian faith. They were started by Chuck Smith in the 60s. They have the habit of teaching through the whole Bible, book book by book chapter by chapter verse by verse.

I think Calvary Chapel pastors/teachers are great as far as teaching the Bible goes. You can gain some good biblical insights and information that will help you grow in your understanding of Scripture.

Having said that, one reason why I believe you won't hear too much from Calvary Chapel pastors/teachers on this site is because they are not really into revival or revival preaching/teaching. In some ways many of them water down certain important truths, such as the holiness, wrath and judgment of God, and the need for sinners to repent. many of them have fallen into the snare of the modern watered down gospel with the sinners prayer which has no power to save. And so you will find multitudes of false converts in their churches for that reason.

Dont get me wrong, i have a high appreciation for Calvary pastors/teachers when it comes to learning the Scriptures.
I listen to Jon Courson(a Calvary pastor) everyday and gain many good insights into the Scriptures.

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I would have to disagree with osandoval a little bit. Calvary Chapel is no better or worse than any other sect. They just have a different gimmick to attract people, for instance their claim is that they teach 'line by line'. But the truth is that this isn't exactly the case. There are many things glossed over which are touchy subjects for them to teach on because they may demonstrate areas where they themselves are a bit off. I've been in a few Calvary Chapel Assemblies, and they seemed to have a tendency to be personality cults which are focused on the 'pastor'.

This is especially true at Greg Laurie's assembly. There's actually very little teaching that goes on there, especially since Greg isn't a teacher. He's primarily an evangelist. The bulk of the messages which will be heard there are more along the line of feel good meesages, lacking balance and inspiration. If one is in the early phases of one's walk, then it's not necessarily overly dangerous.

 2010/4/10 1:32

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Hiswill_i_am wrote

I've been in a few Calvary Chapel Assemblies, and they seemed to have a tendency to be personality cults which are focused on the 'pastor'.

If Calvary Chapel is a cult maybe you should inform brother Greg Gordon, since he has 556 audios from Chuck Smith here, and since Chuck is on the top list of preachers/teachers in the audio section.

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