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 How prepared are we...

...for death?

Seriously, we do not seemed to be prepared. And I just don't mean insurance, money etc.

I mean, eternity.

We has a sister in our church cremated yesterday. Whilst we were getting ready to go, we got a phone call that my brother-in-law had died.

At the funeral I heard and saw different emotions, beliefs, superstitions etc.

But, it was easy to see that people have their own views on death, God, eternity, which are nowhere found in the Bible.

And, of course, we are all good, aren't we?

But, how prepared are we for death? Do we have a real fear of God, as in His word? Or is it a God is love view and let's everyone into heaven?

Food for thought.

God bless.

 2010/4/9 9:50Profile

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 Re: How prepared are we...

Death is only a fleeting shadow in the
face of the glorious Son. HE who called
Lazarus forth from the grave will bid
us rise again to share in His glory and
His life !!

Martin G. Smith

 2010/4/9 16:39Profile

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