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 The day of the Lord

Is the day of the Lord just one day?

It does not seem to be.
Rather from looking at O.T. prophets, the phrase seems to indicate the day he will return and take control of this messed up spaceship called Earth, KINDA' LIKE,
but not so quaint.

Is it maybe referring to the very day of his return?

 2010/4/7 14:29

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 Re: The day of the Lord

GOD Himself is not bound by our concepts of
time; HE is eternal and timeless!

Yes, the Day of the LORD is a day of reckoning
when Christ returns as King of Kings and Lord
of Lords to judge the nations and reign in

Martin G. Smith

 2010/4/7 15:48Profile


Just because he is not bound by our concept of time is no reason to think that a day is not AS a thousand years, or perhaps a thousand years AS a day.

Where does it say, "he is not a man that he should lie>

If the scriptures are trult the revealed will of God, then he will clarify himself to those who seek and keep on seeking him.

See, i have this notion that this day of the Lord is the onset of the mellenium.


...but specifically regarding the (1st?) day of the Lord:
Mt. 24:29,30,31
in relation to
Mt. 24:36

see also Joel 2:31 and Is 13:9-10
in relation to Mk. 13:24,25,26,27


 2010/4/7 20:23

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When speaking of time, no one can really say... Only the scriptures can say. Looking at Genisis, we can find our answer of how long a day is.


 2010/4/7 21:20Profile


From the Hebrew, a day is the cycle of time we recognize, except it goes from evening 6:00pm to evening 6:oopm.

If recalled correctly, it was Jeramiah who reconed what Peter also states in the New Testament, about a day being as a thousand years and a thousand years being as a day.

In prophecy, often 'a day' is called "a time", and more often than not, when referring to a day in the prophetic sense, it is referring to a year, even though it is called "a time", and is translated into english as 'a day'.

It's wondered if the day of the Lord is referring to the actual day of His return???

Prophecy seldom counts time like that, unless something is to occur immediately, like Abraham regarding the birth of Isaac (Gen 18). His seed (as in one: Jesus) did not come for more than 40 generations though.

Prophecy is cyclic like that: happening once on a lesser scale and then through a cycle of times occurs in a stronger sense until the prophecies full revelation.

Names also indicate exacting meanings within the prophecy. For example, 'Laodicea' means 'people-dwelling-in-a-land-of-justice'... as in "with liberty and justice for all" could apply.

Alot of things we do not notice on the surface have to be looked into when checking out prophecy.

More often than not, if there is no revelation from Jesus, Rev. 19:10, people misinterpret and are taken unawares when the prophecy actually occurs.

It's so easy to say this means this and that means that when blind are leading the blind are leading the blind and so on.

It's something altogether different to hit the bulls-eye.

Often the answer is right under our noses in what we are reading but we miss it completely.

God does not give the scriptures to confuse us. Our flesh does that good enough all by itself.

Looks like there is going to be alot of meditation on time as God sees it and states it.

I was looking for an easier quicker way. My how we would rather look in a book than...

...pray pray
pray pray pray...

I'm still obtaining God's revelation regarding 'positive confession' though i, like Travis, would hesitate to call it such. Will fill ya'll in when the matter is concluded.

Oh, the questions flooding this mind right now.



 2010/4/7 22:29

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Oh, the questions flooding this mind right now.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2010/4/8 1:31Profile

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Oh, the questions flooding this mind right now.

Just keep asking them! I get the feeling God loves it when we regard Him with utter fascination! We look, see, and wonder some more and then say "WOW!" Sometimes I think I can look up and see a twinkle in his eye!

On the flip side asking questions to challenge God is like doubting him and this is not honoring Him at all.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

 2010/4/8 7:57Profile


castling said on the "...Paul &Trinity..." thread that there are several days of the Lord.

Why is it always singular "day" and not "days of the Lord" ?

What are these several days of the Lord alluded to???

Heb. 3:6,2:17,18,3:1,4

 2010/4/15 16:28

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hi, the only day of the Lord i am concerned about is this day...take no thought of tomorrow...dont live in the is the day of salvation...the problem with the foolish virgins was that they were not ready is now...jimp

 2010/4/15 16:40Profile

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In my father's day they worked all day every day to earn a living.

The word is used to refer to the time when my father was alive, the daylight portion of a day, and each 24 hour period in the week. It is a bit like that in scripture and context coupled with consistency of usage must be our guide.

There are scriptures that point to the day of the Lord as a fixed point in time, an event. Mal. 5:4, Acts 2:20, 2 Peter 3:10. I used to look at eschatology like most of the popular prophecy teachers see it, with a pre-tribulation rapture, etc. I am not so sure now and lean more heavily to no special rapture at all. The key for me was a study of all of the times that the word talks about the day of the Lord and coming to the opinion that there are not multiple "Days" of the Lord, but that it speaks of one and the same event.

Probably just caused more questions.



 2010/4/15 18:16Profile

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