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 Prayer Request for two people searching for God

Hi everyone.

I would like to ask for prayer for two people that I spoke with tonight.

Please pray for(we'll call her Sarah). She said she is confused about God and has been asking God to show her the way. Much of what she knows comes from the man she has lived with for many years who studied with the JW's but is now on drugs. She related some experiences she had at a pentecostal church and also described something that happened to her one night that reminded me of this [url=]here[/url] on page 4 about the snake and the woman's spine.

If you can, please agree in prayer that: the Lord Jesus would recieve her and that she would recieve Him and follow Him and that God would give to her to understand that all answers and everything she needs is in the Lord Jesus.

Also, tonight as I was riding on the train I saw a couple get on that were dressed in the most horrifying clothes as though they had partcipated in some kind of mock murder. Later when I went to a certain street I noticed that dozens and dozens of people were dressed like this and were gathering there. After talking with two groups of them I got the impression that they were dressing up as zombies in order to mock the Lord Jesus and His resurrection.

One woman that I spoke to said she wanted to have God in her life but did not believe He wanted to be in her life. She related how many bad things had happened to her and that she did not believe God was answering her.

If you can, please agree in prayer that: she would believe that God is not far from everyone of us and that God has sought for her. Please agree that God would draw her to Himself and show her His love in Jesus. She seemed very sincere in agreeing to let me pray for her after I asked saying that she did not believe God was hearing her.

If you cannot agree specifically in these requests, please pray for God's love and compassion for both, however you pray.

Thank you!

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Prayer Request for two people searching for God

Hi Chris,

Sure, I'll pray for these people. I'll pray that the goodness of the Lord would be unveiled to their hearts, and that the goodness of the Lord would lead them to repentance and faith in Him.

In Jesus,

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 Re: Prayer Request for two people searching for God

I pray that the Spirit of God will draw them unto Himself.
In Jesus Name.

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Oh, yes Chris I will join you and the others praying for these people. I once too asked God which one was the right religion and He took me straight to Jesus. I know He will reveal Himself to the searching heart. And I pray also that the Lord would reveal Himself to the others too that they will know His love and have a testimony of how the Lord brought them out of darkness into His glorious light. And bless you and keep you brother for your heart of love which is His heart.

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