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Christianity is first and foremost a faith - something to be believed - then it is a life to be lived. Without a clear and ongoing understanding of the former, the latter is impossible and dare I say even undesirable.

 2010/3/31 10:10

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 Re: Christianity

Christianity is a divine content.
Christianity is heavenly dynamite.
christianity is the ultimate sense
and realization of GOD.
Christianity comes down from heaven
in the Eternal Word, in the incarnate
Son of GOD, in the innermost heart of
the glorified Christ.
Christianity is the indwelling of the
risen Savior declaring: "I AM HE that
liveth, and was dead; and behold, I
AM alive forevermore; AMEN, and have
the keys of hell and death."
Christianity is the testimony of truth
and saving grace, and the witness of
his love and His Spirit within.
Christianity is the knowledge of the
glory and purpose of GOD manifest in
the life of His Anointed, the Messiah,
Christ Jesus !!


Martin G. Smith

 2010/3/31 11:02Profile


No doubt, no doubt....but some days, when you aint' really feelin' that...after you've changed a few poopy diapers, you've had an argument with your wife, your kids simply will not do what you asked them to do, and you had a horrible day at work (and this is all after you really prayed and met God that morning)

...its good to remember that "He shed His own blood for my soul." That fact will empower me to stop thinking and acting for myself and serve others. I guess that's what I was after...

 2010/3/31 11:29

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Both good posts. Amen to both!


 2010/4/1 9:24Profile

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Christianity is not a religion, nor a holy day meeting: “Suppose Christianity is not a religion but a way of life, a falling in love with God, and, through Him, a falling in love with our fellows. Of course, such a way is hard and costly, but it is also joyous and rewarding even in the here-and-now. People who follow that Way know beyond all possible argument that they are in harmony with the purpose of God, that Christ is with them and in them as they set about His work in our disordered world. If anyone thinks this is perilous and revolutionary teaching, so much the better. That is exactly what they thought of the teaching of Jesus Christ. The light He brought to bear upon human affairs is almost unbearably brilliant: but it is the light of Truth, and in that light human problems can be solved.” (J. B. Phillips (1906-1982), When God Was Man [1954])


I like this quote and thought it kind of fit with what you were sharing. I do believe that at the end of the day, no matter what I am "feeling" its not about me it is still about "HIM" If I am living to follow Him then my whole attitude should reflect that! Its not just about what we know its about putting what we know into action!

Just my thoughts
in Him

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