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 Still today(a quote from1875)

“If Jesus died because of sin, men must see that sin must be a murderous thing. Even when sin was placed upon the Savior (though He never committed sin), it made Him pour out His soul unto death. Sin caused a wrenching, distorting, bloody anguish, and then death to a man who had never committed a sin… Surely it can be seen that sin must then be a HIDEOUS and fatal evil to those who are actually and personally guilty of it… Jesus’ blood, if we turn to Him, if we care of His price for us, will overcome our natural lethargy towards obedience and stimulate us to proper Holiness.”

(C. H. Spurgeon, 1875)

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 Re: Still today(a quote from1875)

Quote: '...and stimulate us to proper Holiness."

We do need to be stimulated toward holiness, for we seem to need no stimulus toward sin.

God bless.

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