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 Re: persecution

Hi everyone.

I would say that [u]this is[/u] a form of persecution. Not the people being arrested, but what they have allegedy ploted to do. It is a form of satanic persecution, first against the Lord Jesus, but also against those that love Him and that do not want to see anything like this associated with His name.

Just now I went to look up something and when I opened e-sword(it is set to open randomly to a passage) it came open to the story of King Ahaz in 2 Kings chapter 16. I'm not familiar with this story but as I looked at the passage I was interested enough to read some and get a sense of the context. What I read seems [i]coincidentaly[/i] appropriate here.

It says that King Ahaz(King of Judah) had Urijah the priest make an altar(in addition to) the brasen altar of burnt offering that the Lord had instructed Moses to make. What's more, he got the [i]pattern[/i] or design for this foreign altar from a foreign king, Tiglathpileser, the king of Assyria. Even more than this he had the priest offer all the offerings on this foreign altar, and he used the brazen altar of the Lord - to inquire by. Surely it would not be God that would answer.

The affronts to the worship of God in that were many! The Lord told Moses at first that if he was to make an altar, it was to be of earth, or if he would make it out of stone, it was not to be of cut stones, otherwise it would be defiled by man's tool being used upon it(that which is used in the worship of God should not be the work of man).

Later the Lord gave him specific instruction for making an altar out of wood, overlayed with brass.

And here, this apostate king not only had the priest make him an altar besides what God had commanded, but got the pattern for it from a foriegn king... [i]according to the workmanship thereof[/i].

And thought to use the LORD's altar, to inquire of God by!

And now then, in this current event here, can you imagine men doing the same, taking the worship of God by the holy commandments of the Gospel and interspersing worldly, even devilish plots and motives between them in an unholy mixture of the kingdom of man(assyria) and of Holy Zion?

And calling upon the name of God to do it?

The sinister nature of murderers that would use the name of God as a cloak for thier crimes is epitomised in the ancient devilry for which God drove out the peoples from before Israel in giving them the land, and which their kings and they departed from God by doing themselves: namely it was said of them and of Ahaz here also, that they made their children to pass through the fire.

They murdered their own sons and daughters in satanic mockery of the worship of God. And did it in His name.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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This follow up article argues that these individuals are not even Christians. Even though their website claimed it.

[url=]Militia arrests timed to prevent violence. [/url]

Gotta hand it to CNN for saying the plain truth :)

"This is a group that I would classify as neither a militia or a Christian group," said Michael Lackomar, a member of the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia. "They're more of a private army or a terrorist organization or really just a criminal organization."

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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Philadelphia PA


i wouldnt be so quick to term these as "Christians"...i just went over to their "forum", and one of the sections is called "Evil Jew Forum", and of course its locked.

usually any kind of "militia's" have ties with neo-nazi's or cover their hatred in the theology of "Christian Identity".

when they start talking about "taking cops out", and using that as a ruse to kill more law enforcement officers, you are not a Christian, and you are definitely not a patriot, you are a terrorist.

and yes, satan is cunning, and this is the spirit of anti-christ, but just reflect on Romans 13.

This following is from the book titled Rules for Radicals, written by a man named Saul Alinsky and was taken from [url=]this NY Times article[/url]. The same author names Satan in the dedication of his book:

"The organizer dedicated to changing the life of a particular community must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act."

Some of you may know that I've been reading a book called Marx & Satan and have shared qoutes from the book in several threads. The other night I came to a passage in the book about a man named Moses Hess who the author says heavily influenced Marx. What is significant in the passage regarding this man as it relates to this thread is the type of Zionisim that he promoted, and a possible reason why. First, he is qouted as saying this:

"[b]Race struggle is primary[/b], class struggle is secondary."(emphasis added)

He goes on to relate how some of Hess's writings give a sense of Jewish nationalisim to the extreme, promoting a Jewish patriotisim that 'denies the patriotisim of all other nations' and that this is 'highly suspect' because it 'seems to be a diabolical plan to make all peoples hate the Jews.'

He says 'Hess, on the other hand, exalted the Jews as though he consciously wanted to create a violent anti-Jewish reaction.'

[i]...wanted to create a violent .... reaction[/i]

Can we fill in the blanks there? Is the devil working these sentiments and rubing them raw today?

Consider a flyer someone was handing out on the subway on Sunday night.

A title at the top declares "The FLASH MOB is the DA, Police and City Hall". This is refering to some recent incidents in the city where large groups of people have suddenly gathered after communicating via social networks.

The flyer says that [b]the ruling class media[/b](emphasis added) calls them "flash mobs", but that in reality they are "...just large groups of African youth who come together to show their unity and strength in a city that attacks African people."

The flyer goes on to mention various economic injustices and a caption below a picture of a large group of people says that 'youth uprisings a response to brutality from the State'.

The other side of the flyer mentions a "tribunal" that was held(appearantly by the group distributing this) in which the mayor and the city(although obviosuly not present and perhaps not aware of it either) were "found guilty of crimes of genocide against African people!".

Neil's suggestion to reflect on Romans chapter 13 is appropriate.

And not so that we can curse the dark, but so that with God's help, we can help others to see how rebellion like this sets them against God. And who is stirring them to it.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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i wouldnt be so quick to term these as "Christians".

Or we could be more Scriptural and point out that anyone who is going around with guns instead of the gospel is out to kill men and not to save them. Jesus said to love your enemies and to take the gospel to all men. Militia people and other murderers are servants of Satan. No need to check out the website, no matter whether they claim to be Christian or not.

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