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 Thanks again

I know I have posted before that I am grateful for this website, but I wanted to Praise God for it again. It is such an enormous resource that words just do not do it any justice. A week ago I preached a sermon on the Resurrection Power of Christ, never before (even from this website, probably because I had just not come across one yet) had I heard someone talk about it in the way that I had, so for three or four days afterwords I was being pelted by condemnation because I had never really heard anyone connect well the idea that Christ's resurrection was equivalent to sin having no power over us (as Romans 6 says.) Having gone to verse by verse bible teaching churches my whole life you would think this topic would have been covered well, but it just seems that it either had never been taught on, or I had been deaf to the truth before.

Then today, I picked a Zac Poonen sermon at random, lo and behold he emphasized that the resurrection power of Christ as the missing aspect of today's gospel preaching. Though I had been being pelted, I was confident in the word of God, and I did not need any man to back up this important doctrine of the heart as clearly articulated in scripture as the single most important doctrine in the New Testament. It was just nice to know that I am not alone in thinking it is imperative that the resurrection power is emphasized more in the Power of the Spirit.

I also have yet to listen to the David Wilkerson sermon posted here two weeks ago. I purposely avoided listening to it ahead of time because I did not want to be influenced by a sermon over what I was seeing in the word, and how God had brought this power to bear in my own life.

Thank you again Greg, and all those who have contributed blood sweat and tears to this website, even my words do not seem to be enough.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2010/3/26 0:21Profile

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