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 Re: Leaving a Ministry

Many are the times God tells us to leave everything behind, and when we follow in obedience, without looking back, we tread the swiftest and straightest path towards His destination for us.

Consider Paul's words in Gal. 1:1,10-11,15-16 ...

The response of this pastor negates his counsel: Jas. 1:19-20.

You may be wrong if you are not positive that the Lord told you to do so. If we bring the counsel of men into the equation, unless they have been given a scripturally sound word from the Lord regarding you, ignore it! Thank them and tell them you will pray; but when you pray, pray for them first and then with them, if at all possible.

It does not sound like a "bless be the ties that bind our hearts in Christian love" situation. For this reason alone,
rather than them focusing on you instead of the Lord, personally, i would back out.

There are few things that God says he hates, yet in Jesus words to the churches in His Revelation, 2wice he says he hates the Nicolaitans:

Greek loosely translated:
nico = "control of"
laitans = "laity"

I'm not saying right or wrong.

Go with God and He will lead you.

In Christ,

 2010/4/1 20:04

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