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 Solomon, wheres the Grace in your words?

you wrote:

1: ""The bottom line is this..we have a bunch of pampered, fat,spiritual babies in the United States"

2."In short we are producing soft civilians in the church as opposed to AN ARMY of the Lord!"

any "army",maybe i'm wrong, and your referencing Ephesian type weaponry, but it sure smells to me like arms borne by an army, much like the demons of the Crusades, forgive me if i'm wrong.

3. "....even if the majority of our sissified panzy American Church does not."

"sissified panzy American church does not", that kind of unloving foul palaber speaks volumnes of where YOU are IN Christ. foul mouthed and dark hearted, and after all this, wouldnt the Holy Ghost prick your heart?

no. for you conclude:

4."Still stand by it whole heartedly"

ofr course you do, fore to humble yourself and repent these words, would admit you're wrong, and thats pride, in the economy of satan, pride is everything.

this thread should be shut, its just devolving into the pit.

 2010/4/26 18:26

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 Re: Solomon, wheres the Grace in your words?

I second that- as topic starter, we've left the focus once again due to folk wanting to be religious. It's not the doing of religion that Saves and Sanctifies. If it's not Christ Crucified as a sinless willful sacrifice for undeserving man, it's wrong flat out. Thank you all for participating. I think the most of us know we don't want some form of mystical mysterious pagan religion. Please, close this one down. Thx.

 2010/4/26 22:15Profile

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Dallas, Texas


Please, close this one down.

Request granted brother.

Neil did good by quoting our Lord: "Leave them alone."

The next time we feel the urge to critique, sharpshoot, naysay, debate, wrangle or publically flay an individual or organization in the name of God, it would do us all well to study the advice of His Son.

Paul Frederick West

 2010/4/26 23:28Profile

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