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 Patience in reproach

"And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High..."

Daniel 7:25(KJV)

There is a woman that I have seen from time to time where I live. She is a large woman and very noticable because oft times she is singing or saying something though to no one in particular. Noticable too because her singing is often about God and the things she says about the Lord Jesus. That, and she is 'dancing' or gyrating while she does it.

This morning she was at the bustop doing the same as mentioned and I heard her speaking in what you would otherwise call "tongues". Being that my background is a Pentecostal beleiver I have no problem with speaking in tongues or anyone that does, so I hope that no one will be offened by me mentioning that.

It wasn't long on the bus that others were noticing her. And some of the 'other' things she was saying also. A few men sitting together were laughing at her and one was trying to provoke her but another realising the shame of it rebuked him. Before I got off the bus a woman sitting across from them spoke up to warn them that the woman was dangerous.

So why am I mentioning this at all?

I believe strongly that the Devil is doing everything in his power at this moment to heap as much shame and ridicule and filth upon the testimony of Christ as he possiblly can, at least here in America. And that he wants to do so, untill 'Christianity' is revolting in the eyes of so many.

So I mentioned this in the hopes to encourage us to be patient under these reproaches.

Let us remember that Moses did not turn away from his calling to lead an enslaved people out of Egypt, who would soon turn the glory of God into the shame of a golden calf and who God would call a stiffnecked and rebellious people. Neither did he cease to make intercession for them or to call them his own brethren and people. Neither is Christ ashamed to call us brethren. But God, for the sake of saving His people, has endured so much shame.

As much as the scripture says that God is jealous for us for the saftey of our souls, so should we be jealous for His glory. Just as a faithfull wife desires to honor and protect the good name and reputation of her husband that lovingly and faithfully provides for her, so we desire to honor and protect the name of God.

May God help us to be patient in these things.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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