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While we should be alarmed over many in these movements, I take comfort in the thought that folks like C. Peter Wagner will soon be dead.


Brother I do not know anything about this man but why would take comfort in the fact that he would soon be dead? As a Christian should we ever have this heart or attitude about another human being?

in Him

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When a false apostle dies, especially one who claims and is honored as the chief of a long line of false apostles, I cannot help but be glad. Of course, I weep for him, as the Lord does not rejoice when the wicked perish. But I rejoice over the Lord and his administering of justice. I do this in the Isaiah 6 sense of it though, that "in the year King Uziah died, I saw the Lord, high and lifted up."

Jimmy H

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 Re: America does not have 50-100 years

America does not have 50-100 years, at least not in this age. A new and better leadership of love is coming! Lift you head up your redemption draws near! People get ready! We had better know the voice of the Lord well enough to move when He says to move!!! I hope everyone has oil in their jars so your lamps do not go out? I pray that God give everyone a spirit of wisdom and revelation that we will know what the Spirit is saying to the churches, with precise accuracy!

 2010/3/22 9:58

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This really doesn't sound very much like the spirit David had for even Saul. Something is wrong here. We need to check our hearts.


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 Re: I'm sorry but..

Why would we shy away from meeting together and worshiping God? God is moving around the world and we the church have to be prepared for him to move us here. Three days of worship does not sound like a hostile takeover. The Church used to have apostles, can it not have them again? I do not know if this will really usher in a Third Great Awakening, but I am willing to worship God with my brothers and sisters in Christ. The church is scattered, divided and broken today, we must unite or we will fall. Its quite easy to sit here on these forums and judge the hearts of these men, but we do not really know them. So before we freak out let us consider that God might have truly spoken to these men, if not then it will fail its that simple. I for one am excited about it, but I know you are all just trying to make sure it is real.

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 Re: Apostolic Attestation

Hi again everyone.

I'd like to take up something that was asked here by John.

First, John, welcome to the forums! I want to respond if I can to something that you asked but before that, please do not consider this as directed to you personally; I think the question you asked is relevant to this topic and worth considering and hopefully will be helpful to us all.

The Church used to have apostles, can it not have them again?

I think that is a fair question and one that is needful to ask, and certainly so in our day and time. However we may answer that question ourselves, I believe some things are worth considering as we do. I hope to relate them as follows:

One, it has been said before, sometimes by skeptics, but nevertheless rightly so, that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

There is no higher office that has been given to men in the Church by Christ Jesus, than that of Apostle. And it is an [b]extra[/b][i]ordinary[/i] thing to claim that office for yourself. It is one of the preeminent offices of Christ Himself, He is the Chief Apostle.

An Apostle of Christ, however we may understand the term, or the office that it denotes, signifies chiefly [i]one that is sent by God[/i], and specificaly, in the context of the Gospel, one that is sent by God as an ambassador for His Kingdom. It is one, set apart by God, and sent by Him for His purpose in His Kingdom.

When John the Apostle writes of those whom God has sent(John 3:34), the word translated is the greek [i]apostellō[/i], which according to the dictionary means one that is 'set apart' and 'sent out'. And this is one of the most dramatic and siginifcant emphasises of the ministry of Christ and one of the main focuses of the point of conflict between Him and the religous leaders of His day- was He or was He not, sent by God. In Isaiah, Christ is called God's elect and His choosen(Isaiah 42:1) and in John chapter 10 the Lord Jesus asks the religous leaders:

"Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?"

Paul the Apostle uses similar language of himself in introducing his letter to the Romans(Romans 1:1).

It is therefore a tremendous thing to call oneself an Apostle. And I think it is very much reasonable for others to challenge or to scrutinise that claim.

As the claim itself is extraordinary, so is its attestation. It is done so, not by men, but by God. Because it is God that will bear record of those whom He has sent(2Corinthians 10:18).

The Lord Jesus said that the works He had done left the religous people without a cloak to cover their sin, and He urged them to believe, if not Him, at least to believe the works that He did as a testimony from God(John 10:25, 37-38). See also John 5:30-37.

And the same is true of the Apostles of Christ(Mark 16:20).


Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Apostolic Attestation cont...


And this then leads to perhaps the most significant aspect of what it means to be an Apostle, at least for us, and that is the message they carry. It is significant, especially for us, because the message that they carry is God's message. To recieve them means to recieve God and to reject them means to reject God also.

The Lord Jesus said that whoever recieved Him, recieved the One that sent Him. And that whoever recieved those that He sent, recieved Him also(John 13:20). How tremendous and what a trembling responsibility to bear the weight of being called an Apostle!

Some may say then, that a man may be called an Apostle, but for some other reason. But what reason, except to be called and set apart and sent for God's pupose, and for what purpose except for His message, and for what message if it is not God's?

To Paul, as being the Lord's servant, it was 'a very small thing', he said to be scutinized by the Corinthians. He told them latter and elsewhere that truely the signs of an Apostle had been wrought among them by him. As being the Lord's servant, it was the Lord that would truely judge his work.

The church in Ephesus was commended in that it had tried or scutinised those that claimed to be Apsotles, and were not, but were lars.

It is a very sigificant thing to call yourself an Apostle and bearer of the message of God. It will force the hearers into deciding whether you, or your message, is a lie and a liar. Or you and it, has come from, has been sent by, God.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Great post ChrisJD.

I was just speaking about this subject with a brother lastnight. It seems to me that the enemy has deceived people into actually believing that they are apostles in order to muddy up the waters before the feet of genuine apostles. With all of the corrupt claims to the role, it amkes it just that much harder for the genuine ones to be accepted.

 2010/4/11 16:02

 Re: The New Papists. Old strategy.

It is just another form of Papism.

Jeremiah 5:30-31 (New American Standard Bible)

30. "An appalling and horrible thing
Has happened in the land:
31. The prophets prophesy falsely,
And the priests rule on their own authority;
And My people love it so!
But what will you do at the end of it?"

The Lord calls it "an appalling and horrible thing..", and indeed it is.

Revelation 2:2

" I know your deeds and your toil and perseverance, and that you cannot tolerate evil men, and you put to the test those who CALL THEMSELVES apostles, and they are not, and you found them to be false."

Every true Christian that I know knows that these self imposed prophets and apostles are just wanna-be imposter's. They were evidently exposed at Lakeland, when the entire gaggle of them coronated Todd Bentley,as the next Elijah to come, as he kneeled like a medieval knight.

Bentley was consequently proved to be an adulterer, thief, liar and obsessed with dark angels. Yes, he is the Elijah of the NAR.

After Bentley's exposure as the demonic wolf he is, Dutch Sheets "REPENTED BENTLEY". Go figure, for you doctrinal purists.

Take a look see on YOU TUBE;
Dutch Sheets repents Todd Bentley.

Sheets and the rest are nauseating to me.

They are to be marked and avoided.


Dutch Sheets is a leading member...

 2010/4/11 18:26

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Why are so many claiming to be Apostles and prophets today?

Is there a power struggle in Christ?

I am not judging anyone or there ministries or callings here, with that said, If there was a prophet out there today, why aren't there voices heard.

John the Baptist Cried aloud in the wilderness and all of Rome heard his voice... and shook in there boots!

Like Paul, I ask, Is Christ divided?

I like what Ravenhill said in his book "Why Revival Tarries",

Brethren, If we will do Gods work in Gods way at Gods time with Gods power, we shall have Gods belssings and the devils curse.

One praying man or woman stands as a majority with God.
May we all pray like Elijah!

William Cato

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