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 Word of Faith Movement?

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this movement and if there are any contradictions in its doctrines with the Word of God? We have a guy in our church that my pastor made a teacher and is teaching Word of Faith doctrine such as Name it Claim it and my pastor is falling into this same boat.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Word of Faith Movement?

it's been discussed several times on here. Just search for it. I grew up in this stuff, it basically taught that all God had for you were blessings and if you weren't being blessed you didn't have enough faith.

It spoke little of sharing in the sufferings of Christ. Reptance was seldom preached and the blessings of God were emphasized over the God of the blessing. I'd stay clear of it.

Now there is nothing wrong with having great faith, and believing God to the impossible. But God is most concerned with His glory. Sometimes God has more in mind than our convenience.

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 Re: Word of Faith Movement?

Sounds like you are dealing with some itching ears...

There are several things that are quite contrary to God Word regarding the W.O.O.F.(tm)-Word Of Our Faith- Movement. If considered in light of religions of the world, you will find it to be an amalgum of hindu and buddhist belief systems in varied aspects that have been mutated to the American mindset through the cults of New Thought and Christian Science. To practice it is nothing less than idolatry, and the whole systems basis is practiced through your works, rather than recieving God's Grace.

Your best course of action is to walk away.
I Tim 6:5-6
I Tim 6:7-9

What else is wrong with 'blab it and grab it?

For starters it sets your confidence in your own faith(fulness) and not in Jesus Christ's... -[So i call it W.O.O.F.]- ...and we know that only Jesus is righteous, and accordingly faithful.

They reduce Jesus Christ and what he actually accomplished to save us.

Much of the foundation towards their unbiblical doctrine is rooted in the teaching of just a man, the man E.W.Kenyon.

They claim Jesus had to be reborn just like every other man. They claim not that the sin of the world was laid on Jesus; but, that he actually became a sinner, and accordingly had to go to hell and suffer for 3 days and nights. In this, they claim he had to be reborn in order to be ressurrected.

This all is a lie from the pit of hell.

In the reductionism of who, what, and why Jesus the Messiah is and became, they deny Him (as LORD and SAVIOR), though their double speak names it and claims it with forked tongues.

Do not allow yourself to be stabbed with the knives of such hypocricy.

Though there is truth in their preaching, it rests on the back of lies.

I Tim 6:10-11
Gal 5:9

As said before, get away while the gettins' good:
I Cor 5:11

Continuing in the company of such will bring you down to baal worship in your own life. You could become blind and deaf yourself. Your heart could harden against the truth found only in Jesus Christ.

Don't even consult with them.

Just get away because their destruction is sure.

God is not your magick genie.
Seek his face : not his hand.

Matt 6:33-34

 2010/3/23 19:49



sounds like prosperity gospel.

 2010/4/10 8:23

 Re: Word of Faith Movement?

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this movement and if there are any contradictions in its doctrines with the Word of God?

i'm laughing, not at you, but that olde dawg has been beat to death, and run over and over by a fleet of f-150 pick-em up trucks, and the flattened carcass has been consumed by crows and coyotes.

thats how much bandwidth has been spent on it. not a rebuke beloved, just forum fact.

 2010/4/10 9:09

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but that olde dawg has been beat to death, and run over and over by a fleet of f-150 pick-em up trucks, and the flattened carcass has been consumed by crows and coyotes.


Ahh, the mental picture...


Sandra Miller

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Richmond, VA



First of all I wanted to say that I greive for those in the word of faith movement and I by all means wish and pray that they would come to see the truth of the Gospel and the true glory of our lord Jesus Christ. I would like to give a brief summary of what the word of faith movement theological base is. This is not exhastive if it was I would take two pages of post to do it

A word of faith systematic theology would look like this

1. Man: Man is the chief and end of all things in the word of faith theology he is placed upon the same level if not higher than God. Man has the same ability as God does to perform Ex Nihilo: That is call something out of nothing they use Romans 4:17 to assert this doctrine. Ex Nihilo is something attributed to God alone in this text and it gave Abraham a base upon which to stand upon to rest his faith that God can call his dead reproductive system back to life specially because he created everything from nothing.

2. Faith: The word of Faith movement places Faith along side of man as being some force that is self existent in which you can wield like a tool to get your will done on the earth. They also assert that Fear is another force that can be used to bring negative forces in to play. This is classic Dualism its that old luke skywalker Dark side and Good side of the force( yin and Yang). To a word of faith person faith trumps God and forces him to do what you want him to do and Fear empowers satan to do what he can do in the earth. this type of teaching once again places God under the foot of man exalts satan and puts he and God upon the same playing field when it comes to forces in the universe. Faith is something in the word of faith world that is rooted and settled upon mans ability. faith is having faith in yourself and it looks like this how much can I confess, how much I can give, how much he can meditate and how much he can keep from saying something negative so satan won't come and crush him its a covert working of works and self righteousness. To me being around word of faith folks I have seen that they are more in fear than someone not in the movement. Notice that this faith it not the faith of the bible that is rooted in God and in the person and work of chirst Read Romans chapters 3 and 4. Word of faiths version of faith is man centered and not christ centered. Read the book of romans and it tells the christain where faith rest which is in God and Chirst not mans ability to name and claim.

3. Atonement: Chirst did not finish his work upon the cross but had to finish his work in hell being tormented by satan and demons for three days and nights. Whatever happened to christ cry IT IS FINISHED and pauls confirmation of that in colossians 2:14 in which he states that our debt was paid on the cross Satan and his cohorts being broken by the cross crushed there. I know what most word of faith folks would say they would use Isaiah 53:9 where it says death they would point out that it says deaths meaning chirst died spiritually and physically this is just heresy to say christ died spiritually is to Say God himself died God. For further study please study the doctrine of hypostatic union or the two natures of chirst in one person It will help you understand how both his humanity and deity played a key role in the atonement also read George Smeatons work on Christ doctrine of the Atonement this is an excellent work on the topic. Both the humanity and Deity of chirst were at play in the atonement. I could elaborate upon this more but I do not want to make this post a dictionary

4. God: God is a servant a lackey some being outside looking in he is not the God of Daniel 4:34-35 or Daniel 4:17 Nor is he the God of Psalm 135:5-6 and who Psalm 22:28 would not be and option for a word of faith church that is to give God TO MUCH POWER. In the word of faith scheme God is a weak lowly being waiting for man to order him around and command his angels for him.

5. The Scriptures: Word of faith teachers and churches will be quick to claim inerrancy or the doctrine of inspiration but just listen to this teach the bible. The take tons of proof text and paste them together to make it say what they want it to say. Context both literal and historical looking at common elements to narratives genres and proper exegesis. Word of faith ministers really do an injustice to the doctrines of inerrancy and inspiration.

I could Go on and on. I am by no means saying that there are not people truly regenerated. I just want you to be careful dear friend because the word of faith movement has a power about it that takes you from seeking the eternal to resting in the external ( Health and Wealth) It does not call you to repentance and it has a real distain for the Gospel which explains the Glory of God, Christ purposful atonement, The absolute Sinfulness of man and mans response ( repentance and Faith). The gospel in a word of faith church is old news there is a subtle attitude that says " Oh we have moved on from that" The cross is old news to them.

I offer this post with grace if it offends I am sorry however I offer this in love.

Grace to you

For more info on the word of faith movement please listen to a message by a man named justin peters ( a call to discernment) and pick up D.A. McConnells book called a different Gospel. These two resources are very helpful.


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Thank you for the information, what you have said is pretty much what this guys seems to believe. He believes in negative and positive words. Claiming the Blessings (whether they exsist yet or not) and Not claiming the Negatives (ie I'm not sick or I am broke) I don't know it all seems quite silly to me something that God is starting to reveal to me is how much he really doesn't need us to save the World He is quite capable of doing it.

Matthew Guldner

 2010/4/10 11:21Profile

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