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 Vatican exorcist: Pedophiles tempted by Satan, not possessed

[b]Vatican exorcist: Pedophiles tempted by Satan, not possessed[/b]
[i]From Morgan Neill and Hada Messia, CNN - March 16, 2010[/i]

Vatican City (CNN) -- "The devil tempts everyone -- people in politics, in economics, in sport. And naturally, he tempts, above all, the religious leaders, so you shouldn't be surprised if the devil tempts those in the Vatican. That's his job."

The Rev. Gabriele Amorth isn't speaking metaphorically when he says that. The 85-year-old priest means people can be tempted and literally possessed by Satan.

"It's not my opinion: I'm saying that if you believe in the Gospels, you believe in the existence of the devil, in the devil's power to possess people," he said in an interview with CNN.

The faithful believe "that there are people possessed by the devil, and ... in the power of exorcism to liberate from the devil," he said.

And as the Vatican's chief exorcist, it's his job to expel the devil when someone is possessed. He's performed more than 70,000 exorcisms in his career, he estimates.

But there is a difference between possession -- where the devil takes hold of someone's body and actions -- and temptation, where Satan lures a person into doing evil, he said.

As a child abuse scandal sweeps across Europe, with accusations being made against priests in Ireland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, Amorth said the pedophiles are tempted, not possessed.

He has never done an exorcism on a child molester, he said.

"I have carried out exorcisms on some priests who had been molested by the devil," he said, without going into details.

"But cases of pedophilia exorcised, no. ... Pedophiles are not possessed by the devil, they are tempted by the devil," he said.

"They don't need exorcism, they need to be converted, to be converted to God, that's what they need. They need to confess, they need true penitence, true repentance, that's what they need. They're not possessed."

But no one is too strong a believer to be possessed, Amorth said.

"Nothing occurs without the permission of God, and he allows even holy people, even saints, to be possessed by the devil," he said.

But, he added, he sees no evil in the Vatican today:

"I just see good people in the Vatican. People of prayer, holy people, I don't see any evil."


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 Re: Vatican exorcist: Pedophiles tempted by Satan, not possessed

The scandal of child abuse and the subsequent cover up by the leaqdership of the Roman Catholic church has rocked the people of Ireland. This week there have been calls for Cardinal Sean Brady the leader of the RC church in Ireland to resign over his part in not notifying state authorities of a pedophile priest who then when on to abuse many times.
Dear friends I believe that these are unprecendented days in Ireland. The strangle hold that the RC church has held on many people for years has been broken. Believers must seize the opportunity to bodly proclaim that it is not about a religion but about the man Jesus. On this St. Patrick's day please take time to pray for Ireland that people would turn to a living faith in Jesus Christ.
Under Patrick Ireland turned from paganism to Christ and went throughout Europe preaching Him. Please pray that this will happen again.

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I will be praying for Ireland.

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