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 Prayer for my mom

My older sisters mother in law died of lung Cancer two days ago, on Thursday night. I never knew this lady very well, except through my sister. She was however, very much like my mom, close in age, poor health, and a devoted Roman Catholic. I am very sad to say that she died being deceived that the RCC was the way to follow Jesus and go to heaven. My older sister was there with her and while my sister does profess being a born again Christian she did not say anything to her mother in law because she did not want to make trouble. My sisters husband is not a christian, so she felt she should not say anything to her mother in law. I do think as time passes my sister may come to regret her decision. I will be praying for her.

Last night as I was thinking of all that has happened and where this lady may now be my thoughts turned to my mom, she is also so devoted in her faith to the RCC and will not listen to anything I have tried to share with her. Her health is not the best but she is managing. I don't know how much time any of us has but I feel it pressing on my heart that while I have today I should make use of today. I want to begin sharing with my mother again, I want to do so with a loving heart that is centered on Jesus and that He be glorified.

If you feel the Lord leading please pray that my mothers heart would be softened, that she would listen and receive truth so that she might repent and follow Jesus. Please pray for me to have wisdom in sharing with her, that I not waste any opportunity that the Lord might give.

Thank you very much

God Bless

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 Re: Prayer for my mom

Praying, sister MaryJane.


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Please save Maryjane's Mom, and give Maryjane Your Wisdom & Knowledge. WE know that nothing is impossible with you.
In Jesus Name.

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I will pray for God's wisdom for you also.


Clint Thornton

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