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 Correction I had today

So I come from a background of being a Pharisees, I was one to the core. With this I was given the so wonderful and pleasant Critical Spirit, Judgmental Spirit,and Hypocritical Spirit (not) I have been battling these spirits for a while now and the more God shows me who I am the easier it is to battle the Hypocrite in me. But I was thinking about this guy that my sister liked and all of the terrible things that attributed this guy and God said Yeah he is all of those things BUT I love him and he is savable. ugh I never had to repent so much for such wicked thoughts about a creature of God. This I hope is how I view people from now on, Number 1 I am just as capable of the evil they have commited, and Number 2 God desires to save them if they repent thus they are Savable. Just thought I would share this and ask that you keep praying for me that Christ in me may shine brighter than the Pharisee in me.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Correction I had today

praise God and keep on this path of being a nobody and God will exalt you in the end. Oh that we aren't always right but like Christ is what matters.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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