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I think that perhaps I misused the word. I did not mean sent to hell which I think you mean. I just mean that what he did to Wesley or to anyone who does this sort of doctoring is pretty bad in my books.

Scripture or rather Jesus says judgment belongs to God alone, the kind that judges who goes to heaven or hell, we are not to make such judgments as christians.

You may think he did a bad thing to Wesleys doctrines, i think it summed somewhat pretty good up. And i agree he did not change his doctrine radically on entire sanctification, myself like wesleys view on entire sanctification. But as much as i love Wesley, he is one of my favorite authors/historic persons in all categories. He was as brother Paul pointed out a mere man, he did write some pretty strange things also, and had some very very strange view(in my opinion) on other things.

But as I eat the fish i spit out the bones, Wesley has much good to say and is worthy of reading.

The problem is when we try take a mans doctrines, writings and how much we like/dislike them and try fit scripture after them. We need see to scripture first, and scripture speaks much on sanctification, how to live inwardly and outwardly as followers of Christ.

Myself would say the more sanctified i become, the more wretched i look in my own eyes. It is true i dont sin in the degree i have done, but i still sin, not same sins, but rather my "detector" for sin has become more sensitive, and it reacts more quickly. And when i notice something i can go to Him who cleanses from all sin.

I think sanctification is not a one time event, and not even the "second blessing" or what name we would call it, i am convinced it is a process, because it is Christ that lives in me, life is ever growing and abounding, it does not stay the same. So when Christs life enters my body, it will ever be growing and changing me.

I always was very blessed by brother Zc Poonens series on freedom. highly recommended

[url=]freedom from sin[/url]


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It is requested that believers refrain from issuing public rebukes to others, as this is an abuse of the forum's purpose, which is to strengthen and edify. It is also asked that believers not publically accuse or insinuate deceptive behaviour in others which cannot be proven. If you suspect a breach in forum guidelines, please contact a moderator privately.

Thank you.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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I apologise for getting your name wrong. Bless you brother.


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