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Greetings Joyful_heart

I also want to confess before you all and repent of my complaining of being in a land that is flat, brown and to me ugly.


I live in the dessert so I understand:) For me I have learned to see beauty even in the dessert, the sunsets paint such beautiful colors across the sky. When I keep my focus on Jesus I find that there is real beauty even in places that I would not have thought possible.

I will keep praying for you sister. Just keep trusting in Him, His love for you is so beyond compare. Thank you for sharing all that He is doing in your life and you walk this out with Him by your side!

God Bless

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Thank you all so much for your words to me. It was so confusing to me on which way to go. And we know where that comes from. To turn the other cheek, to give my cloak also when they ask of me or to fight. You are so right about coming out of the woodwork!!! And have they come a running. You would think it was Fort Knox!!! I have fought about that too about what Mom really wanted no matter who was involved. So sad to think of making a will and people can come in and do what they want. I did see a lawyer and their lawyer set it up with so many loopholes that now it looks like my step-dad has complete control. Even that which was left to me in a trust he can do what he wants with it. And the folks lawyer is also his nieces and nephews lawyer. That is scary! I did get her jewelry and my great grandmothers paintings. I know without a doubt that she wanted me to have it and for that reason I will fight to keep it. I will just take one day at a time and continue to hang out with my Lord and enjoy Him! Love with the love of Jesus - hard at times but with His help I can do this. I do feel bad for my Mother even though she is gone. She would be fighting Irish mad if she were here and in her right mind! So would my grandpa! So In that I do agree. But I am limited on what I can do besides pray and stay close to Him - So, I pray all repent and think about standing before God and being accountable. Love in Him to all. And thank you for your words of advise. All have been so helpful. ps. I would not mind the beautiful desert!

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