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Any minister that is not preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and sound doctrine should be avoided.

Mike Murdock is preaching the same message that Robert Tilton preached, when his ministry was one of the largest in the U.S. Instead of the Church exposing this false ministry, it took a news program on one of the major networks to show how the money was removed from the mail and the prayer requests were thrown in a dumpster.

These preachers that pervert the scriptures are appealing to the lusts of men to get rich quick. The promise that they lay out is that if you will sow a seed, the bigger the better, into their ministry, then God will multiply it back to you. These ministries are full of testimonies of people that testify to the fact that it worked for them. They never do tell you about the poor people that gave the little that they had, and never did see any return on their giving. It is the poor and those in debt that it hurts the most. The rich people are merely giving out of greed to get richer.



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