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 the plowers

these are thoughts that came while reading this passage.

Ps.129:2-4 Though the Israelites were given many impressions they still didn't recognise Jesus time. Here are some that we see through study O.T.

The Hebrews were many years in bondage in Egypt. They were slaves. They knew what it meant to receive the plow on their backs. They were whipped with whips while working. The generations after them just had daily bible teachings, they didn't go through that.

They did know that was history ,very well. One thing they did know was after the plowing of their forefathers who were beaten with whips, they walked out of Egypt with joy.

They did however go through another intence impression. They were slaves to the wilderness. How long?? 40 years. Even though they wandered 38 or so they were out there 40 years. 40 years would be a impression.

Once again they would be free and have joy. They would be heading for Canaan blessing.

They missed it though, which was God's will. A man who called himself the son of God, by the name of Jesus, would make a new impression. first he would be plowed. Ps.129:2-4 He was whipped, and also with 40 stripes. together those would remind of a freedom that would follow. the righteous Lord would cut asunder the cords of the wicked. They would send him to the cross. but then would come the greatest victory. greater than leaving Egypt, greater than 40 years in the wilderness wandering.

Now there would be freedom from sin. 40 stripes of the whip and then the cross. Just for all who would believe.

What is sad is that we are made free from sin and yet many say, now we are free to sin. Sin is bondage. It takes away the freedom to be holy so as to come with a clear conscience before God's presence. Jesus took away our sins so we could be free and fellowship with the father.

Be not side tracked when you feel you can talk to God and be unholy in sin. We must apply the blood and be cleansed with the word of God before coming into his presence. We are then welcome to come boldly before the throne of grace. We won't feel like we can come if our conscience convicts us. That's why Adam and Eve hid in the garden, they knew they were guilty of eating the fruit of the forbidden tree.

God had to come to them and discuss that first. They brought sacrifice to the alter after that. Abel learned that from his parents. Cain was a rebelious son.

Remember each time caught in sin Jesus suffered pain to take it away, you will then make a habit of overcoming sin.
wonderful is chap.Isa. 53: God bless


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 Re: the plowers

How grateful I am that the discipline of GOD
is done with mercy and HE has not dealt with
us as we justly deserve!!

Martin G. Smith

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